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Property in Sardinia

Deciding to invest in Sardinia property for sale is really easy, because once you visit this region then you’ll fall in love with it. Indeed it is the most particular Italian area, where culture and tradition are very strong and sometimes it’s considered as a nation by itself, especially because of the dialect, that it’s a real language.

Its territory is well known for its deep blue sea and tourist towns, especially those located along the Emerald Coast (North-East area, with main connections from and to Olbia) which is the main attraction for VIPs due to its natural beauties and the comfort you can find, and now the attention is moving to everything connected to nature, such as bird watching, ski diving, golf, hiking, and sailing. But there are so many parts still to discover! Sardinia is not only Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, it’s a region full of history and tradition.

In the last years, its president has implemented a plan to evaluate and preserve the natural resources of the region, in order to not have in 10 year a coast full of hotels, houses and cement, as it is the area with the highest level of requests among properties in Sardinia for sale. According to this change, the property market is moving toward the hinterland of the island, because there you can get better prices together with a wonderful landscape (the city of Alghero can be an example). In this places, the demand asks for a one or two room flat with air conditioning, a nice furniture and garage.