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Properties in Basilicata

Basilicata is the southern region of Italy which reflects exactly an ancient Italian way of life. In fact living there can be a jump into the past, a life that way typical of a ancient era when the global market was far away and the world was turning slowly.

The market of properties in Basilicata for sale needs still to be discovered by home buyers coming from abroad. Despite the popularity of one of its main, historically wise city of Matera, the region real estate market still has to enter into the knowledge and start attracting foreign investors from other countries. But this lack of knowledge doesn’t mean that there are not great opportunities. The price of a Basilicata property for sale is quite cheap, especially in rural areas, and there’s also a very big availability of houses to be restored and many possibilities to start a renovation project.

This region is mostly mountainous, anyway, not only you will find a good catch in rural towns, but there’s plenty of opportunities also by the sea with the possibility to find good buy-to-let properties by the coast.