Searching for your dream home has never been an easy task. Not only is there the necessity to learn as much as possible about the conditions of the neighborhood, the local schools and the shopping centers, but there is also the need to think about aspects like home size, location and features; as well as the window views. There is no doubt that, once the search has been narrowed down and your Italian dream home is one step closer, there will be the essential stage of reaching out to real estate agents or to the private individuals selling their own homes. The following is a brief list of the points to consider when deciding to buy from private owners:

Buying from a private homeowner is primarily beneficial because it avoids the direct cost of having to factor in the intermediary cost of a real estate agency’s commission. This is typically around 3% of the cost of the property. Therefore, buying a €250,000 dream home in Italy from a private seller instead of a real estate agency could potentially save you €7,500.

The ability to contact the private seller personally, without having to work through a real estate agency first, is likely to streamline the process of viewing appointments or getting the answers to your questions directly from the owner.

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Choosing to buy directly from a private individual will not encompass the same services that real estate agencies offer, and this means that you have to be more inquisitive and prepared to take the appropriate steps yourself.

• Aspects to look out for when dealing with a private seller are: Ask to see the owner’s property documents; Ask for information about the building’s condition and certifications of compliance with energy and building codes; Ask about the financial management of the building—if there are any additional costs or arrears to pay. The technical office of the property’s municipality should also be visited to obtain and confirm information that the house has a building permit, that it is habitable, and to understand the tax policies of the property.

When talking to private sellers, it is vital to undertake some responsibility on your own. You have to research, either online or in person, about the homeowner’s mortgages, insurance, and utility costs yourself in order to be certain of your investment. Inquire, investigate and ensure that you are making the right decision before even paying for the notary fees.