Explora Italia is a free digital resource full of inspiration for your next trip to Italy and useful information and expert advice for buying your dream home in the bel paese.

What does Explora Italia include?

  • Stunning property selections
  • An expert’s guide on how to obtain a mortgage to buy a property in Italy
  • Location highlights to help you explore different areas of our magnificent country, such as the Lake Trasimeno and the Valtellina areas of Italy, and determine the perfect one for you
  • An expert’s guide on taxes on the ownership a property in Italy
  • Pros and cons of buying a € 1 home in Italy
  • Interviews to happy non-Italian home buyers in Italy
  • Tips on how to improve your Italian language skills
  • Main news and events in Italy from January till July

…and much more.

How and when you can get your copy of Explora Italia

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