Your doctor may have forgotten to tell you but living in Italy is actually great for your health. There are several reasons that make this country is a healthy place to live. For a start, Italians have the highest life expectancy in Europe and in fact they live 3 years more than the average American for example.

This radiant health and longevity can be attributed to factors such as the healthy Italian cuisine. The average Italian diet is much more than the pasta and macaroni popularized by mass media. Italian cuisine is actually rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oils, healthy doses of the best wines, and a host of natural ingredients that make a healthy meal.

Photo from A Askew

The moderate Mediterranean climate in most parts of central and southern Italy is actually great for senior citizens and retirees who are prone to arthritis, bronchitis, and pneumonia attacks. Furthermore, the country has a slower pace of life which eliminates stress and other health problems associated with stressful living conditions.

Should you fall ill despite living in a country with numerous natural health benefits, you can rely on Italy’s excellent health care system to regain your wellbeing. The country’s state-run health care system is considered to be among the best in Europe. It is similar to what is offered in other EU countries but a little different from the American and Canadian systems.

All Italian residents are entitled to extremely low cost or free medical care. Visitors from other countries are provided with free emergency care in case of an accident or if they suddenly fall ill while in the country. EU citizens are advised to have a free EHIC card that covers all emergency medical costs including repatriation to their country of origin should the need arise.

To avoid long waiting periods especially when dealing with complex medical procedures, many Italians have health insurance which enables them to get private medical care for complex health issues or when they need to be treated fast and more efficiently. It is advisable to get one form or another of health insurance while living in Italy.

On average, the country’s standard of medical care is excellent. Many expats working and residing in Italy have often cited the country’s medical care to be above what they receive in their home countries. Italy’s medical care is also quite affordable. These are just a few reasons why living in Italy is actually great for your health.