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Terms and conditions

Gate-away Srl and/or its affiliates provide you with site functionality and other products and services when visiting or purchasing on, when using Gate-away Srl products or services, when using the applications designed and created by Gate- away Srl for mobile devices or software provided by Gate-away Srl in relation to any of the above activities. Gate-away Srl. provides Gate-away Srl Services according to the following terms and conditions ("General Conditions of Use and Sale"). Gate- is the trademark of Gate-away Srl.

Please read these General Terms of Use ("General Terms of Use") carefully before using Gate-away Srl Services on Gate-, by using Gate-away Srl Services you indicate your acceptance of all stated General Conditions of Use.
We offer a wide range of Gate-away Srl Services and sometimes you may be subject to further terms and conditions. When using a Gate-away Srl Service (for example: Your Profile, Ad Publishing, or Gate-away Srl applications for mobile devices), you will also be subject to the terms, guidelines, and general conditions applicable to that particular Gate-away Srl Service ("Terms of Service"). Should these Terms of Use and the Terms of Service conflict in any way, the Terms of Service will prevail.

We invite you to consult our policies on privacy and those regarding Cookies that govern your use of Gate-away Services, to fully

When you use Gate-away Srl Services or send us emails, text messages (SMS) and other communications from your computer or mobile device, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you in a variety of ways, for example by email, text messaging (SMS), in-app notifications, or by posting messages and communications on the site or through other Gate-away Services, such as through our newsletter or the exchange of communications with third parties. Subject to the specific legal provisions of an imperative nature, for the purposes of this contract, you agree to receive our communications electronically and acknowledge that all contracts, notices, information and other communications we provide you with electronically, constitute as being in writing, when required by law.

All content present in, or made available through, Gate-away Services Srl in the form of text, graphics, logos, icon buttons, images, audio files, digital downloads, data collection and software, remain the property of Gate-away Srl or its content providers and are protected by Italian and European copyright law and database rights. The list of all content present or made available through Gate-away Services Srl is the exclusive property of Gate-away Srl and is protected by Italian and European copyright law and database rights. No integral part of Gate-away Services Srl’s online material data or software may be extracted or reused without the express prior written consent of Gate-away Srl.
In particular, it is forbidden to use data mining, robots or similar data capture or extraction methods to extract (one or more times) or to reuse any substantial part of any Gate-away Srl Service without our express written consent. Nor is it even permitted to create and/or publish a database that reproduces substantial parts (e.g. pricing and product lists) of Gate-away Srl Services without the express written consent of Gate-away Srl.

All trademarks are the property of Gate-away Srl. In addition, graphics, logos, page headers, icon buttons, characters, and service trademarks included or made available through any of the Gate-away Srl Services remain trademarks or brands of Gate- away Srl. The trademarks and distinctive symbols of Gate-away Srl cannot be used in relation to any products or services other than those of Gate-away Srl, in such a way as to create confusion among customers and/or consumers or in any way that may denigrate or discredit Gate-away Srl. All other trademarks not owned by Gate-away Srl which appear on any of the Gate-away Srl Services remain the property of their respective owners and are not connected or related to Gate-away Srl in any way but are only sponsored by Gate-away Srl in order to improve user experience.

Provided you comply with these General Conditions of Use, the Terms of Service, and that you pay any applicable charges, Gate-away Srl or your content provider grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to access Gate-away Srl Services for personal, non-commercial use. This license includes no resale or commercial rights for any Gate- away Srl Service or for any of its content, nor the right to collect and use product lists, descriptions, or prices, make derivative use of Gate-away Srl Services of content, nor to execute any type of download or make any copy of account information for the benefit of another reseller, nor use data mining, robots, or similar data acquisition and extraction devices. All rights not expressly provided by these General Conditions of Use or Terms of Service remain with Gate-away Srl or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, owners or other service providers.
It is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit or otherwise use any Gate-away Srl Services for any commercial use, in whole or in part without our express written consent. No framing or framing techniques may be used to appropriate any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page settings, or formats) of Gate-away Srl in the absence of express written consent from Gate-away Srl.
No meta tags or any other "hidden text" containing the name or trademarks of Gate-away Srl may be used without express written consent from Gate-away Srl. No improper use of Gate-away Srl Services is permitted. You will be able to use Gate-away Srl Services exclusively within the limits provided for by law. Violation of these General Conditions of Use or Terms of Service will result in the revocation of the authorisation or license issued by Gate-away Srl.

Using Gate-away Srl Services, you agree to maintain confidentiality of your account and password and restrict access to your computer and your devices, and you agree, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, to be held accountable for all activities that will be performed through your account and your password. You agree to take all necessary precautions to ensure that your password remains secure and confidential and you agree to inform us immediately should you have reason to believe that any third party has become aware of your password or if your password is either being used, or you believe it is about to be used, in an unauthorised manner. You vouchsafe that the information you have provided to us is correct and complete, and undertake to notify us immediately of any change required to the said information. You vouchsafe not to use Gate-away Services in any way that causes, or could cause, interruption, malfunction or damage to Gate-away Srl Services or its capabilities, either for fraudulent purposes, or for any other illegal activity or in any way to cause disturbance, injury or concern.
Gate-away Srl reserves the right to prevent access to the site and/or Gate-away Srl Services, to suspend or close an account, remove or modify the content of the site at our discretion, in the event of a violation of applicable law, of these General Conditions of Use, of the guidelines or of the applicable policies.


Advertisements may be published/posted, along with communications and other content when these comply with Gate-away Srl contractual agreements, electronic communications may be sent and/or other communications in order to submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions or other information, provided the content is not illegal: i.e. obscene, abusive, intimidating, defamatory, and does not violate privacy, intellectual property rights nor is otherwise offensive or damaging towards Gate-away Srl and/or third parties and does not consist in/does not contain viruses, political propaganda, commercial solicitation, ‘chain letters’, mass email, or any other form of spamming or similar activity likely to damage the market position of Gate-away Srl. It is not permitted to use a false email address, pretend to be another person or otherwise lie about the origin of a communication or other content. We reserve the right to remove or modify such content. If you believe that site content or an advertisement posted on the site or used within Gate-away Srl Services, contains a defamatory statement, or that your intellectual property rights have been violated by an article or other information present on the site or used in Gate-away Srl Services, please contact us via the appropriate form and we will promptly remove it. If you decide to submit content or materials, notwithstanding any indication from us, you vouchsafe to give Gate-away Srl the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute and display all such content throughout the world through any means of communication and grant to Gate- Away Srl, its sublicensees and persons with reason, the right to use, at their discretion, the name you use in connection with them. This without prejudice to your ethical rights as author. You agree that the above rights granted to us are irrevocable for the entire duration of your intellectual property rights associated with such content and materials. You agree to put in place all the other activities necessary to comply with each of the above rights granted by you to Gate-away Srl, including the signing of agreements and documents, at our request. You acknowledge and warrant to have, in person or in any other way, the ownership or in any case the availability of all rights to the content of material you publish; and also declare that, on the date on which the content or material is published, the content and material are accurate and relevant; and that the use of the content and material you provide does not conflict with any of the applicable policies and guidelines of Gate-away Srl, and that it causes no harm to third parties. Except where liability is attributable to any failure on our part to remove unauthorised content following receipt of notification concerning such content, you agree to hold Gate-away Srl indemnified from any legal action taken by third parties against Gate-away Srl, arising from or otherwise related to the content and materials provided by you.

Gate-away Srl respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. If you believe that your intellectual property has been used in such a way as to give rise to potential violations of your rights, you should notify Gate-away Srl immediately, and we will clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Companies other than Gate-away Srl may in some cases manage the supply of services or product lines and/or services on this site. In addition, we provide links to sites of other companies we work with, and other business activities. We accept no responsibility for checking or evaluating these business operators or individuals nor the content of their sites, nor do we in any way underwrite what they sell. Gate-away Srl cannot in any way be held responsible for the actions, products and contents of all such operators or any third party. You are invited to inform us when a third party is involved in your transactions, and we can share transaction information with them. We recommend careful examination of their privacy policy and their other conditions of use.

Gate-away Srl will do its utmost to ensure that access to Gate-away Srl Services is provided without interruption and that transmissions are made without error. However, due to the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted access and absence of transmission errors cannot be guaranteed. In addition, your access to Gate-away Srl Services may also be occasionally suspended or limited to allow for repair, maintenance, or the launch of new activities or services. Gate-away Srl vouchsafes to try to limit the frequency and duration of these suspensions and limitations. Gate-away Srl will not be held liable for: losses that are not a consequence of our violation of these general terms and conditions or for any loss of commercial opportunities (including lost profits, revenues, contracts, presumed savings, data, goodwill or unnecessarily incurred costs) or any other indirect or consequential loss that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time your use of Gate-away Srl Services commenced. Gate-away Srl shall not be liable for any delay or failure to comply with the obligations under these General Conditions if such delay or default is caused by accident or by force majeure. This provision does not affect your legal rights, nor in particular your right to avail of the services purchased within a reasonable time and to be reimbursed in the event of service non-availability due to circumstances caused by an accident or force majeure. Legislation in some jurisdictions may outlaw the liability limitations indicated. In the event that these provisions are applicable, the limitations of liability indicated will not take effect and you may be considered to have additional rights. None of the provisions contained here limits or removes our liability in the event of death or personal damage brought about by remissness on our part, or as the result of fraud or gross negligence.

These General Conditions of Use are governed by, and must be interpreted in accordance with, Italian law and application of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods and/or Services Contracts is expressly excluded. The user and Gate-away Srl agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts. Should you wish to bring a matter to our attention, please contact us using the appropriate online forms.

We reserve the right to modify Gate-Away Srl Services, policies, these General Conditions of Use and Terms of Service at any time to offer new products or services or to comply with applicable laws and/or regulations. You will be subject to the policies and terms of the General Conditions of Use in force whenever you use Gate-away Srl Services. Should any provision of these terms bes deemed invalid, void or for any reason inapplicable, such Condition will not, however, prejudice the validity and effectiveness of the other contractual provisions.

If you as user fail to comply with these General Conditions of Use, any failure on our part to exercise our right to act against you in no way waives our right to act concerning your breach of your obligations.

Our services are not for sale to individuals under the age of 18. Minors using Gate-away Srl Services must be assisted and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

This site is owned and managed by Gate-away Srl.
General Conditions of Use relating to other Gate-away Srl Services, can be found on this website.

If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you can contact us through the appropriate forms. We respond promptly to intellectual property right holders who contact Gate-away Srl to report alleged violations. Upon receipt of such communications, we may take various initiatives, for example, we may remove part of an advertisement or an entire listing without this implying admission of liability and without prejudice to any other rights, remedies or defenses we expressly the reserve to exercise. In addition, when submitting such communications, you concede Gate-away Srl the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works and display the content of such communications throughout the world. This includes the right to forward such communications to those involved in the preparation of the content deemed to be illegal. The user undertakes to keep Gate-away Srl indemnified from all third party actions against Gate-away Srl arising from or related to such communications. Important Warning: providing false, misleading or inaccurate information to Gate-away Srl may result in civil and/or criminal liability. Should you have any questions on this matter you are advised to seek legal advice.

Use of Gate-away Srl Software
Gate-away Srl software may be used only in order to access Gate-away Srl Services, within the boundaries of the General Conditions of Use, of these Additional Conditions applicable to Gate-away Srl software, and of the Terms of Service. You are not permitted to embed part of the Gate-away Srl Software in your programs or combine parts of it with your programs, nor are you permitted to transfer Gate-away Srl Software for use in connection with any other service, sale, lease or rental, distribution or sublicensing, or otherwise assign any right to Gate-away Srl software in whole or in part. Use of Gate-away Srl Software for illicit purposes is strictly forbidden. In such cases we may cease providing use of Gate-away Srl Software and revoke your right to use Gate-away Srl Software at any time. Your right to use Gate-away Srl Software will be automatically revoked, without notice to you, in the event of your failure to comply with the provisions of these Additional Terms for Gate-away Srl Software, with the General Conditions of Use or the Terms of Service.
Gate-away Srl Software may be subject to the application of third party terms and conditions that are contained or distributed along with some Gate-away Srl Software (or software embedded in Gate-away Srl Software) as indicated in the relevant documentation. Such provisions will prevail in cases of failure to adhere to the General Conditions of Use. Software programs used by Gate-away Services Srl are the property of Gate-away Srl or its software vendors and are protected by the laws in force in the Italian territory, in the European Community and by international copyright law.

Use of third party services
When using Gate-away Srl Software, you may also use services provided by third parties, such as wireless service providers or a mobile platform. Use of third-party services may be subject to the policies, terms of use, and fees of such operators. Prohibition of Reverse Engineering.
You may not copy, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise interfere with Gate-away Srl Software in whole or in part, or create programs derived from or by Gate-away Srl Software, nor encourage, assist, or support others in performing such activities.

In order to keep Gate-away Srl Software up-to-date, we reserve the right to provide automatic or manual updates at any time and without notice.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Gate-away Srl Services.

By using Gate-away Srl Services, you accept these conditions in full.

Our contact details:
Gate Away Srl, Via Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 2 - 63066 Grottammare (AP) - Italy
Share capital: €20,000 i.v., REA Number 185935 – Registered Company in ASCOLI PICENO no. 01941140442

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