Veronica Centro Real Estate
Veronica Centro Real Estate

Veronica Centro Real Estate

Via della Chiesa, 8, Marlia
Capannori - Lucca

+39 0583 955829

The Veronica Centro Real Estate Agency was born in June 2003 to give the visibility to the already existing Veronica Immobiliare born in 1999; it wasthought that the use of the same logo (but surrounded by a stylization of urban walls) and part of the same denomination would have allowed a faster penetration of the already difficult and "populated" Lucchese real estate market.

The personal relationship with our customers distinguishes us because we always cared about their needs and wills by striving to find the solution that matches their desires in every detail and in all cases.

Our customers who want or need advice can always count on our availability, professionalism, cordiality and confidentiality that enable our agency to satisfy the customer so that we can provide them with the best solution.

Veronica Centro Real Estate has always followed all the stages of the negotiation and its problems by providing continuous advice and technical-legal information to both the seller customer and the buyer customer; We are working to resolve any difficulies that might arise,using well-known professionals both in the technical and legal fields and/or notaries, during purchase and beyond; Moreover, the same partnerships allow us to deal with any bureaucratic problem in a timely manner and thus to facilitate our customers, according to their own needs both in time and in terms of distance in Italy and abroad.

We have gained experience and effectiveness in bringing about negotiations, sales and/or other types of real estate buying services also by operating with foreign customers sometimes having both (seller and buyer) in their respective countries of origin whether it was in the European or extra European.

We have always targeted advertising investments through Italian and foreign portals that, by supporting the company brand, offer a valid and effective vehicle for the promotion of real estate in Italy as well as in Europe and many other countries in the world; To enable this, our agency has always decided to engage some of its economic resources in the advertising of real estate, well knowing that good advertising is always a guarantee of success and the ability to offer more feedback and market than advertised: all this having learned Whoever is interested in selling their home wants their listing to be easy and immediate approach to a wider range of potential buyers, as well as potential buyers wants to find the right and best deal with the least amount of energy, time and at a fair price for their needs.

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