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We offer marketing services to property owners wishing to sell their property, with the objective of presenting their property in top condition, making it stand out in the competitive market and sell quicker.

We do not act as estate agents in the actual sale of property in Puglia and is therefore able to offer unbiased advise to clients seeking advice on location and different types of properties. Our job is simply to find you a property that meets your needs and negotiate best possible price.

We offer property management that are best described as “looking after your property as it was our own”. The management and care-taking of property is aimed at protecting the value of the property, which will often involve refurbishments and maintenance works, never cutting corners by not doing the job required.

We take pride in providing well-maintained and spotless property for the owners and tenants. We look one steep ahead and realize that the property will eventually be sold and the investments in maintenance will pay off several times, as reflected in the sale price.

The owners of are Swedish-Italian and the family has roots in Puglia dating back to 1929.

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