Tuscia is the ultimate road trip destination for those who want to explore an area of Italy which is probably little-known abroad but where you can step back in time and enjoy a fascinating historical territory at your own pace.

What’s more it is close to Rome, so it is easy to reach if you want to spend a relaxing weekend, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life.

No matter where you head in Tuscia, good food and incredible landscapes can be found in abundance. You will find a lake, thermal baths, Medieval hamlets, a dying city and even a Moai statue. It seems unbelievable, isn’t it?

Let’s dive into Tuscia.



Less than 2 hours from Fiumicino airport, Bolsena is the most important town on the lake that take its name. A picturesque old town centre that features a majestic castle with spectacular sunset views. After a romantic walk, you can taste local food and specialties in one of the many good restaurants.

Lake Bolsena is the cleanest lake in Europe and you can definitely take a swim in its crystal clear water to avoid the hottest day of the Summer.

It’s worth taking a drive around the whole lake to explore the other scenic villages and towns nearby.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio

Not far from lake Bolsena we can find a one-of-a-kind jewel. A magical hamlet situated on a very friable tuff spur that crumbled during the years. Nowadays “la Civita” can be reached only from the nearest hill with a 200-metres long bridge, passable on foot. You can access it for a few euros.

Once you have crossed that bridge, it’s like you’ve stepped back in time, entering in a Medieval world made of narrow alleys full of historic buildings. The best way to enjoy it is to get lost in it.

You can’t miss a visit to the ‘Belvedere’ that offers striking views on the surrounding valley.

You can also spend a night or two there, in one of its B&Bs.

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Set on top of a hill with open views on Lake Bolsena, Montefiascone is a small town surrounded by the typical Tuscia landscape.

Its territory is known for winegrowing and its most famous product is Est!Est!!Est!!!, a delicious white wine with an interesting story.

The history of the place is strictly connected to Christian religion, that’s why there is the ‘Rocca dei Papi’ (Popes’ fortress), a majestic castle overlooking the lake, and an impressive dome, Santa Margherita’s cathedral.



Imagine a picturesque Medieval hamlet perched on top of a hill with steep slopes surrounded by hills that offer countless paths, ideal for nature lovers.

The woods produce a great variety of products, like chestnuts, walnuts and mushrooms.

The historic centre boasts well-preserved Medieval buildings and walls, suggestive squares and lovely alleys.

But Vitorchiano is not the typical hamlet, in fact, there is a six-metres Moai statue at the edge of the village, the only one outside Easter Island.



At the heart of an ancient Etruscan region, Viterbo is known as the city of the Popes, because it was chosen as the papal residence in the 13th century. You can’t miss a visit to the Papal palace and the cathedral, but also take some time to wander around the city and explore all the quaint piazzas and picturesque corners.

Then if you feel like relaxing, you can take a dip in a revitalising thermal bath in the regal Terme dei Papi, the most popular bath structure near the city.

Enjoy your experience in Tuscia!