And the Most Synergetic Agent Award goes to Angela Lo Nigro, chief of marketing and human resources at Toscana One estate agency because they have always embraced with enthusiasm every single new activity and service created by

“What a wonderful surprise. I was so pleased with this award, I shared it with all my colleagues at Toscana One because we are a great team” Angela Lo Nigro

Angela Lo Nigro at the Agency Awards Ceremony
Elena Righi – account manager – with Angela Lo Nigro at the Agency Awards Ceremony

An Interview with Angela Lo Nigro

Watch the interview to learn more about the motivations for the Most Synergetic Agent Award and, above all, to get to know Angela Lo Nigro.

About Toscana One estate agency

Toscana One is a local estate agency founded by Roberto Fabbri who has created a brand dedicated to the sale of farmhouses, villas and characteristic apartments situated in the marvellous Tuscan countryside. They offer a 360 degree service which combines the classic mediation activity for buying properties in Tuscany but they can also help you to find properties for rent. What is more, they also provide you with the property management service.

They are specialised in the sale to international buyers thanks to the expertise of reliable estate agents and a network of professionals who collaborate with them like other estate agencies and international law firms in order to offer the best service ever.

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