Italy makes everyone fall in love with it. What about you?

We have recently asked our Newsletter subscribers looking for a house in Italy why they would like to buy their second house in Italy. Naturally Italian “cuisine” plays an important role! Our website users say they love Italy especially for the quality of its food. Is it the same for you?

This is confirmed also by recent statistics, which prove that among the most representative products of the food industry, like coffee, bread, pasta, wine, etc., ‘made in Italy‘ products continue to be preferred because they are considered synonyms of quality. The peninsula is the biggest exporting country in the world. July 2015 represents a historical record for ‘made in Italy’ exports: more than 40 billion euros, beating France and Germany, its two historical competitors. According to the survey carried out by Bureau Van Dijk, in conjunction with Expo, through the web platform Trade Catalyst, Italy wins the silver medal in every category.

Machinery and equipment industries are the leading sectors, followed by textile and clothing industries, fabricated metal products, means of transport and food.

Who are Italy’s biggest fans? Once more, Americans confirm to be its biggest admirers. Even if, today, a consistent part of this amazing success must be attributed also to China.


Food in Numbers

Pasta – More than 50% of the global market is dominated by Italian brands: about 2.3 billion euros each year. After all, we are talking about the symbol and best known speciality of our country.

Cheese – Germany is ranked first country in the world in cheese exporting. Yet, according to a recent survey carried out by Assolatte, Italy is the real homeland for cheese. It is number one in Europe for number of PDO cheeses – the protected denomination of origin that points out that the qualities of the products belonging exclusively, or nearly exclusively, to the territory in which they are produced – 51 in Italy against 47 in France.

Wine – Italian wine continues to achieve enormous success outside of the national territory and its export continues to increase, even if with 6.7 billion euros we are second to France with 10 billion euros. In 2014, though, while Italian wine exports increased, in France it registered a decrease. The leading wine-producing regions are: Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany.

Sicily vineyard

Olive oil – Italy is second also in oil export, immediately after Spain, which, however, has to deal with different quality issues and possibly solve them.

Confectionery and bakery – Belgium is the leading exporting country, but while Italy registers a 5% a year growth, in the Brussels’ pastry shops there seems to be a bit of recession. This is so true that a few days ago in Birmingham a young cake designer from Le Marche region, Silvia Mancini, won one of the most prestigious rewards that is the ‘Cake Master Awards 2015’ (Modelling Excellence).

Emilia-Romagna: Queen of Italy

“Italy’s greatest gastronomic treasure”: these are the words used by Forbes magazine to describe Emilia-Romagna, the region where you eat better than anywhere else. According to the European Union this is the area of the continent with the highest number of PDO and PGI products.

So, there is nothing left for you to do but come to Italy, check-out for yourself the quality of Italian products, and seize the occasion to visit the properties for sale that most interest you. Start your research on