Changing focus – There has been a shift in the property spotlight in Italy in the recent years. International house hunters have previously been very conservative in the choice of location for their second home in Italy. Tuscany featured highly as a favourite destination. However, lately other areas have started attracting overseas investors. This interest could be attributed to changing lifestyles. Nowadays people are looking for places offering a slower-paces life without renouncing to equally stunning scenarios, art and history.

Trentino Alto Adige and Valle d’Aosta – A nice suprise at high altitude

According to recent surveys, the number of enquiries for these areas from an international clientèle have increased exponentially in 2015, and this comes as a surprise as the regions have always been less alluring for those wanted to buy Italy property for sale.

On the contrary they are excellent spots boasting breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, and a real paradise for lovers of skiing and hiking, both for the winter and summer. A perfect alternative to the French Alps!

Valle d’Aosta in particular hosts what is called “the eight wonder of the world” which is the Mont Blanc cable car ride offering a spectacular panorama of the mountains and the surrounding valeys as it rotates a full 360 degrees. Something not to be missed! But it is also rich in history with its beautiful castles dotting the entire region.

Trentino Alto Adige

The housing market in Valle d’Aosta is what is known as a micro market. There a few hundred units available. Those are shared out evenly between the locals residing there all year round, and holidaymakers mainly buying smaller homes which are used as holiday houses. When they are not occupying them, they are often rented out. As a matter of fact most people looking to buy a second home in Valle d’Aosta or Trentino purchase a smaller one as it is more affordable. At the same time it also offers a high rental income yield as these are very sought after areas among Italian ski lovers who spent there also their summer holidays. They are ideal places also for hiking or relaxing.

Trentino Alto Adige offers you the same benefits as Valle d’Aosta. And what is more it includes the mesmeric scenario of the Dolomites: UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009 thanks to its beauty and uniqueness.

Marche and Abruzzo – Where the demand is highest in Central Italy

This area is experiencing high appreciation from international buyers. Especially Brits and Americans have shown a great interest during the past year. They are favoured by non-Italian home buyers because these localities are still far from mass tourism and offer relatively affordable property prices, especially Abruzzo where in one of its northern towns you can find a 130 m² apartment located just a stone’s throw from the sea for only 125,000 euros (960 euros/m²).

The two regions provide you with everything you need and everything you want to do: swimming, hiking, skiing and visits to the many ancient villages rising on top of their rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic coastline. In Abruzzo mountains and sea are within an hour drive. That’s something quite unique you will hardly find anywhere else.

Le Marche especially has been recently included by The Guardian in its list of the must-see places for 2016. This region, commonly known as “all of Italy in one region”, is considered as the more affordable sister region of Tuscany. Here you can get a farmhouse for about half the price of a casolare in Tuscany.

Castello di Roccascalegna

Basilicata – Italy’s prehistoric heart

Nowadays Basilicata stands out especially thanks to its chief town of Matera that was picked as the European Culture Capital 2019. In recent years it has been a quite popular location as a preferred set for national and international films due to its unique skyline and dwellings. It is an ancient cave-city made of prehistoric properties carved in the rock and it is thought to be one of the world’s oldest towns dating as far back as the Palaeolithic times.

The area has undergone renovation to enhance their original features and now also hosts luxurious cave hotels and restaurants. So people should rush and acquire their own piece of the Italian dream. They should do so before prices are revised upwards due to anticipated high demand.

But a few still know that Basilicata has gorgeous coastlines where you can go and unwind and that are still untouched by mass tourism. It also boasts a stunning countryside which is very similar to the one you can find in Tuscany.

International real estate clientèle have made a wonderful discovery in Matera and the entire Basilicata region. They are quite pleased with the affordable prices in the area.

Now is the time to get your slice of Italy in one of these underrated yet stunning locations…