International property buyers looking for their new home in Italy increasingly choose Liguria as their ideal destination. And lately this region has been recommended also by some of the world’s most authoritative newspapers in the world, such as The Telegraph, as one of the top 20 best places on earth in which to invest in real estate.

In particular many Brits – the most interested in Italy according to our 2014 Official Report – are looking at buying a place in the sun for investment and holiday purposes and the sliding Euro is increasing interest even further. House prices in Italy have fallen over recent years but many real estate agents feel they have now bottomed out and should begin to rise in the near future, so purchasing in a popular tourist destination like Liguria really does make sense for a number of reasons.

Here at Gate-Away we find Tuscany is still the most popular area, but Liguria was a very close second place in the year 2014. As a matter of fact interest in Liguria properties peaked in 2014 with enquiries at Gate-Away up by more than 30 percent on 2013 figures and it really does seem this region is set to soar in popularity for 2015 and beyond.

It’s not hard to understand the reasons for its popularity.

Daydreaming about Camogli by Anna & Michal

Why choosing Liguria

1) Easy to reach

Although Liguria is the 3rd smallest of the Italian regions, it is one of the most sought-after destination because it has so much to offer: picturesque little towns, beautiful beaches, food, but also a perfect position bordering France to the west. This allows its residents and tourists to reach the international and low cost airport of Nice in the twinkling of an eye.

Genova, its main city, is also one of the major port in Europe that connects mainly to Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco by ferry. It is just 7 km from the “Cristoforo Colombo” Airport.

So Liguria is very well served by airports and has great transport links.

2) Stunning sceneries for every taste

Referred to as the Italian Riviera, this beautiful region has more than 300km of coastline, stunning waterfronts and soaring peaks only a short handful of kilometers away from the sea.

Nature reserves are also abundant in Liguria, covering 12 percent of the region’s total area, with the majestic Alps and Apennines forming a spectacular backdrop that is a joy to behold. In fact this narrow stretch of land has spectacular mountainous areas within 30 minutes from the beautiful coastline, so new residents can enjoy beaches and the ski lifestyle throughout the year.

Ligurian coastline
Panoramic sight of Santa Margherita Ligure by Anna & Michal

3) Enjoy a unique Mediterranean climate

Liguria has a quite peculiar Mediterranean climate due to its position if you think that it overlooks a definitely warm sea compared to its relatively high latitude. In general you will experience warm summers and mild winters, especially along the coast since mountains shelter this area from cold. And that’s why Liguria boasts less harsh winters than in the nearby regions.

Nonetheless, during winter in the area that goes from Genova to Savona northern winds (Tramontane) bring cool air from Po Valley and also snow which can also reach the coast sometimes.

A pretty interesting fact is that in the stretch of land from Alassio to Bordighera (western Liguria) you will enjoy a climate that could be comparable to that of southern Italy, Naples in particular.

Obviously these temperatures are ideal for growing grapes and olives to produce wine and olive oil, which are indeed important components of the region’s economy.

Liguria Property Market

Liguria map

Although Italian properties have reduced in price considerably since around 2008, Liguria is not the cheapest region. You can expect to pay at least €600,000 for Liguria seaside villas with pools, however your investment will be safe, particularly if you choose to rent the house to holiday lets.

In fact, if you’re investing in Italian property for business purposes Liguria is a good region to choose, with more than 5 million overseas visitors and holidaymakers each year as well as Italian tourists this popular area offers great opportunities for making money.

If you move your search to properties that are just a little more inland you can pick up homes for about half this price, however they may be less appealing as holiday rentals.

Let’s see some example:

One bedroom apartments in coastal towns and villages sell for around €200,000, while you can expect to pay around this price for a two bedroom detached home in the hills or mountainous regions. If you are looking for a property to renovate and restore you’ll find a variety of typical housing solutions for around €100,000 depending on the location and size of the property.

If you plan to make your home in Italy you’ll find Liguria a great choice for business startups or offering the quality of life you need now you’re hitting retirement age.

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