The pursuit of happiness is arguably one of the fundamental endeavors every human being seeks to achieve. It is even inscribed in the wordings of the American declaration of independence along with life and liberty! Pursuit of happiness is an important element in everything people do including the choice of town, city, or region you aspire to live in. It is everyone’s dream to live in a city or region where the streets, shops, and homes are populated by faces plastered with genuinely happy smiles.

Some might say that the potential for happiness and better quality of life is an important consideration for most foreigners seeking for a house or home in Italy. It may even be considered as one of the driving factors of booming Italy real estate business.
The pursuit of happiness recently led to a ranking of the happiest places and regions in Italy based on an analysis of over 40 million Twitter messages from the country’s 110 provinces. The analysis sought to find out the factors that influence happiness in each region according to the “Happy index”.

According to the 2013 happiness ranking, the happiest people in Italy live in the regions of Puglia and Emilia Romagna. Could these be probably the best places to start your search for the best houses for sale in Italy if you wish to live a happy and better life?

The happiness analysis also showed Genoa to be the happiest province in Italy. The province had 75.5% of happy tweets while Cagliari in second place had 75.1% of happy tweets. Other notable provinces with a high degree of happiness included Parma, Bari, and Bologna at 71.4%. In terms of regions, Puglia and Emilia Romagna had the highest rankings in the Happy index with 66% values.

The analysis showed that there are several factors contributing to people’s happiness including life in a metropolis, low stress levels, and the absence of smog and other natural or economical crisis conditions. Spring season, for instance brings a higher level of happiness in most parts of Italy.

Another notable trend of happiness in Italy, according to the analysis, is the fact that happiness increases as you move from the northern to the southern parts of the country. However, places next to the sea have a constant level of happiness both in the northern and southern parts of Italy.

The degree of happiness is an important factor to consider when measuring a country’s well being besides other economical factors such as GDP, political freedom, and national wealth. This is probably why the UN set March 20 as World Day of Happiness. Foreigners seeking to buy homes in Italy need to consider the general level of a region’s happiness before making a purchase. If this be the case, then Puglia and Emilia Romagna are undoubtedly the best and happiest places to live in.