Liguria is one of the highly sought locations in Italy since the 19th century mainly due to its climate and topography. It is located in the north western part of Italy along the coast. Its capital is Genoa. Known for its attractive beaches and great local cuisine, Liguria has been a home to many prominent foreigners from artists to intellects for a long time. The Liguria coast often goes by the name Italian Riviera since it is a continuation of the beautiful beach that starts from south of France.

Legislations have enabled the area to preserve its appeal by controlling development in the area. Liguria is reach in beauty and even though market for real estates in other areas might fall this has never happened in this region. It mainly consists of Mediterranean vegetation and borders the Ligurian Sea. Real Estate in Liguria has always been on high demand and there have never been an occurrence that supply has failed to meet demand.

Liguria has mainly two regions the Riviera di Ponente and the Riviera di Levante. The main difference between the two is that Riviera di Ponente is an extension of the France coast line while Riviera di Levante is the coast of the Italian peninsula itself. Liguria property is available in both of these beautiful places.

Riviera di Ponente extends from Genoa all the way to the France border, covering also the territories of Savona and Imperia. It is characterized by slopes and mountains that face away from the coast and large valleys that descend straight to the sea. The beautiful cliffs are mainly covered with pine trees that give the region a picturesque view. In the cold months Riviera di Ponente tends to be warmer mainly due to the mountain ranges that are present on its back that shield the area from the cold. In summer this area tends to be hot since the cold winds are shielded by the mountain ranges.

Riviera di Levante is mainly the east coast of Genoa. It includes the entire municipality of Genoa. It was mainly a fishing site but due to increased tourism this activity has reduced. It has cliffs that are covered with pine and olive trees which make the area beautiful. Its coastline is mainly characterized with bays, creeks, shelters and some sandy beaches. It has three islands the Palmaria, Tino and Tinneto. Its climatic conditions are the exact opposite to that of Riviera di Ponente since its winters are colder and summers are warmer but it is well sheltered from adverse weather conditions. Riviera di Levante is divided into several areas which include the paradise gulf, gulf of Tigullio, Riviera of La Spezia, Poets gulf and the coast newcomer. It has been divided from west to east.

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