Italy better than Hollywood? It is a great place for VIPs, movie, TV and music stars to call home. As a matter of fact recently the belpaese is experiencing a renewed interest in its property market from celebrities.

La Dolce Vita is especially one place that most international stars are flocking to due to its elegance, serenity, and convenience. And most of the celebrities who come here to buy property have helped to market the exceptional houses found in Italy. On the other hand, international home hunters are also drawn to Italy by the favorable financial factors; reducing property cost and the weak euro.

Lake Como and Tuscany: the most glamorous

George Clooney was the first to purchase property in Lake Como. The actor bought Villa Margherita in 2004 and the nearby Villa Oleandra in Laglio in 2002 which has just been put up for sale for 90 million euros. Soon after, the interest in the area increased. And also Robert Pattinson purchased a two-story home of 800 m2 surrounded by a garden, tennis court and swimming pool of 1,200 m2 in Menaggio, one of the largest towns on the western shore of Lake Como.

It is now very popular also among Arab and Russian magnates who prefer this place because of its quietness to enjoy privacy. On the other hand, they opt for the Emerald Coast in Sardinia if they want to enjoy the thrill that comes with the glamour of jet set.

Lake Como area is also ideal for people who are not in the limelight. They only need to look for property located just a few kilometers away from the lake, and they can be sure to get good deals that will fit their budgets as well as beautiful positions. It is also an ideal location to buy property for renting out due to the presence of many tourists that come here each year.

Chianti panorama by francesco sgroi

And what about Tuscany? Sting was among the first people to buy property here. In 1999, he found and restored the “Palagio” in Figline Val d’Arno from Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti from San Clemente. The house is a 16th-century villa with a private church located some 45 minutes away from Florence, based in the famous Chianti area. That is where he also started an investment of wine, honey and olive oil production.

Prices for homes in this area are quite high, but you can get great deals if you go towards the northern part of Tuscany for example, the Lunigiana area bordering Liguria region. And you can also get fair deals in the province of Grosseto.

The South of Italy

Puglia is one of the new areas where international celebrities are choosing to buy property in Italy. Meryl Streep is one of them who bought a home in Tricase, at the very center of the Regional Natural Park Costa Otranto, Bosco di Tricase and Santa Maria di Leuca. The area features stunning limestone rocky cliffs facing the sea.

Gerard Depardieu also purchased a home here, in the ancient town centre of Lecce which is one of the architecture masterpieces of 18th century southern European Baroque and is currently the main town on Puglia’s Salento peninsula. Celebrity Helen Mirren and her husband Taylor Hackford are probably the first to buy property here. They preferred the old 16th-century Masseria house located in the countryside that they acquired, restored and upgraded.

Lecce old town centre by CucombreLibre

Apart from its growing popularity, this area is quite affordable, and buyers have the rare opportunity to buy worthy and unique properties like masseria and trulli that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Also, the cost of living is very affordable like in other parts of South Italy.

Basilicata region is also another perfect place. It is one of the little-known areas in Italy where Francis Coppola purchased a home in a small village in the Matera province called Bernalda. This is where his grandfather originated from before he left Italy in search of a better life. Coppola purchased Palazzo Margherita that was built in 1892 and transformed it into a luxury hotel with two bedrooms and seven suites. His daughter Sofia tied the knot here.

Lazio: the new entry

This area was not so much famous among celebrities until Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes marriage in the stunning Lake Bracciano. After that many VIPs came to this land. Will Smith set foot here and purchased an excellent property in Sermoneta (Latina province) surrounded by eucalyptus and olive groves with a view overlooking the Caetani Castle. Orlando Bloom also bought a farm in Lazio.

In effect, the region has many beautiful things to offer besides the world renowned city of Rome which only a few people realize. In this place, you can actually find properties that can suit any budget.

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