Now It’s Easier to Renovate Your Home in Italy

| August 20, 2018

Are you thinking about renovating your Italian property? Be aware that in order to avoid incurring any sanctions it is necessary to request authorisation from the comune (local council) before starting any works.

Starting from 22nd April it is no longer necessary to get any type of permission if the renovation to improve your home in Italy doesn’t involve any environmental or urban impact.

Here are the main works listed in the ‘Infrastructure decree’ which you can now undertake freely:

Ordinary maintenance works:
• Installing, but also repairing or replacing, railing, security grilles or grates.
• Replacing external and internal flooring,
• Resurfacing internal and external plasterwork,
• Renovating gutters and downpipes.
• Changing doors, windows, stairways
• Installing an air-to-air heat pump, provided that it has a heat output of less than 12 kW. These appliances offer also a “green” alternative for air-conditioning houses as they use renewable energy such as air to heat or cool rooms.
• Installing (but also repairing or upgrading) lifts, but only inside buildings and provided that this doesn’t involve altering supporting structures.

Works to create a comfortable living space outside your door:
• Installing barbecues, tool sheds, fountains, planters and benches, kennels for dogs and cats.
• Installing gazebos and pergolas within certain size limits and when not permanently fixed to the ground
• Create a garden play area for children
• Installing partition walls in the garden as long as they are not masonry walls

Home renewable energy systems:
• Installing, replacing or renovating solar and photovoltaic panels, wind turbines generators or parts of them

Architectonic barriers:
You can remove architectonic barriers, such as stairways and lifts, if they don’t alter the existing structure of the property.

As a general rule, however, we advise that you check with the municipality in which the house is located regarding local regulations, as sometimes they may differ in various regions.

Do you already have an idea of which of these works you’d like to undertake? Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Now It’s Easier to Renovate Your Home in Italy

  1. Rick Mason

    Wow! This would seem like a game-changer for the remodeling sector in Italy! Is there a common name (or title) of this Decree where one could research further? Maybe I’m overestimating the impact but wouldn’t this change be a huge boon for the remodeling market?

    Thanks so much, I just found your amazing resource! What a find!

    Best regards,
    Rick Mason


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