Every region of Italy has its good dose of traditional cuisine, delicious wines and high quality olive oil and Umbria is no exception.

Located to the north of Rome and to the east of Tuscany, this inland region has a gently rolling landscape and some truly historic towns and cities like Assisi and Perugia.

Yes, this is the region made famous by the beloved Saint Francis and today it still is a place for lovers of children and animals, as well as those who appreciate all that the natural world has to offer. It has so much ancient and modern culture in addition to the usual pleasures of life in Italy.

Here are 3 main reasons why you should consider buying property in Umbria:

#1 Choose Umbria for its tranquil atmosphere

When people think of Italy, they tend to be drawn to the magnificent architecture of Rome or the canals and lagoons of Venice, but in fact there is a quiet charm to the region of Umbria that tempts the discerning purchaser to invest in some high quality and peaceful real estate.

Castelluccio, Umbrian Appennine by bygdb

The region has excellent transport links with surrounding provinces, but it retains a slower pace of life and its inhabitants cherish a real enjoyment of the countryside. There are vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye can see, and above all, those who buy property in Umbria are sure to find some well-earned rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thanks to the flood plain of the famous river Tiber running through the region, the land is fertile and agriculture provides a living for many people. There is a saying in Italian, that Umbria is “the green heart of Italy” because of the unspoilt views of nature that it offers to locals and tourists alike. Perhaps that is why this region is so warmly welcoming to incoming visitors and property buyers.

#2 Choose Umbria for its small town life

Umbria’s most famous towns such as Orvieto, Perugia and Foligno have a long history and they offer a vibrant cultural life in modern times. They attract visitors to view their impressive art collections and cultural events. In fact, however, these famous places also retain a small town aura, rather than the vast, impersonal scale of some of the major Italian cities. This means that the housing market in these towns is diverse, with many charming property types available, from town houses and apartments in the attractive town centres to farm houses and rural retreats in the surrounding countryside.

Perugia by robertotaddeo

The ancient, walled town of Spello is a good example of the diversity of property in Umbria, with its stunning background of the Roman gate and amphitheatre as well as winding medieval streets and an efficient modern quarter complete with railway station. There is surely something for every taste, and you might be surprised at the variety available.

#3 Choose Umbria for its incredible value for money

An important consideration for purchasers of property in Umbria is the issue of price and investment potential in the region. The average purchase prices in Umbria have been lower than the national average recently and they are projected to remain so throughout 2015. This makes Umbria an excellent choice for buyers, although of course there is quite a range of properties which vary in price according to location.

Predictably, Assisi is the most expensive town, at about 1,700 euro/sq m, while Todi is a little lower, and the province of Perugia as a whole has the largest number of housing units for sale at an average of about 1,500 euro/sq m.

Todi by martinthomas1

Prices across Umbria have fallen from 1,680 euro/sq m in 2012, to 1,480 at the end of 2014. Even In the case of the rather sophisticated town of Spoleto, it held prices to a steady 1,750 euro/sq m until the middle of 2014, but by the end of December prices had fallen here, too, by almost 200 euro/sq m.

The most advantageous place to buy at the moment is Nocera Umbra, at 500 euro/sq m, and in the somewhat wilder south-eastern side of Umbria there are many jewels still to be discovered by those who have the energy to look. All in all, therefore, property in Umbria is very affordable and a house purchase at the moment represents very good value for money.

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