Have you ever heard about Ferrara?

It is a charming hidden jewel waiting to be discovered and perfectly positioned only 50 km from the capital of Emilia Romagna region of Italy, which is Bologna, and it has been recognized as World Heritage Site by Unesco.

But why you should include it in your destination bucket list?

1. It is well-connected to the sea and the major cities of the region, so it is the perfect base from which you can explore this part of Italy. In fact, it takes about half an hour by train from Bologna. Or what about a weekend getaway to some of the most beautiful towns in Veneto? You can reach Verona, Vicenza or Venice by car in a hour and a half or reach the beautiful Garda Lake.

2. You can go back in time and take a trip to the Medieval world of the Estense court. The palio, the most ancient horse race in the world, takes place every year in Ferrara with a series of events and celebrations starting from March and culminating on the last Sunday of May when the eight contrade the districts in which the town is historically divided compete in four different challenges, namely the race of the Putti (boys) and of the Putte (girls), of the donkeys and of the horses. Imagine everyone dressed in Renaissance like clothes: walking through the city centre really feels like you are living in the Renaissance era!

3. You can pedal your way through history Ferrara boasts the longest cycle path of Italy with its 125 km running along the Po river and including 9 km of marvellous and well-preserved city walls.

4. The historic centre is one of the best preserved Medieval ones with its monuments, churches, palaces, alleys and courtyards. But especially there is its majestic Castello Estense (Este’s castle). The Este family ruled the town from the 12th to the 15th century and attracted many artists such as Leon Battista Alberti, Piero della Francesca and Tiziano. It really worth a visit. And what about Parco Massari? It is the perfect place in town to enjoy a sunny day and rest after a long ride. Located in the Northern part of the city, the park is really appreciated by locals.

5. You can ‘Taste’ Ferrara in the oldest wine bar and osteria (pub) in the world It is called ‘Al Brindisi’ and it was already famous in 1435. This bar is set in a small alley, next to the cathedral in the very old town centre. It offers delicious wines, a cozy atmosphere and the typical dishes of the area. In the menu you may find the famous Cappellacci alla zucca, Pasticcio di maccheroni and Torta Tenerina.

6. Last but not least, it boasts very affordable property prices Just think the cost of buying a house in the beautiful old town centre of Ferrara is about 1/3 less than the that of a house in Rome or Milan for example.

⇨ What else? Head to Ferrara, and in case you want to experience the town and its surroundings at its fullest from your own Italian retreat, then click here and find the perfect home for you in the area.

Note that here are many benefits in investing a property for sale in the city rather than in the Italian countryside that you should consider.