bridges the gap between an Italian property and a prospective buyer. Showcasing your property for sale online is the main way to reach a high number of potential buyers. allows you to search for your dream home from the comfort of your sofa, even from the other side of the world. And someone out there could already be waiting for your property.

An easy-to-use service and a team always available

Alessandra Vallebona is an important platform recognised around the world, but it doesn’t just showcase properties at their best; it’s the attention we pay to our customers that makes the difference.

“I would like to point out that I have always received prompt and comprehensive telephone support for all my requests from your representative Silvia Farina,” writes Alessandra Vallebona.

The portal is easy to use, as confirmed by Stephen Paul Neenan

Stephen Paul Neenan

“I had doubts about the ability of the website to reach the highest number of foreign buyers. The situation with the sale of my property in Orvieto was very complicated. I found to be an impeccable service, easy to use – about 15 minutes to upload the ad with photos – and affordable. I received the highest number of requests and visits from foreign buyers than from other websites and portals I used”.

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Marc Van Ommen

Marc Van Ommen managed to sell his house, thanks to the fact that, after a long time that it was for sale, he published it on our portal:

“After so many years we were able to sell our property in Italy! Gate-Away has been the only site that has given us so many viewers and reactions. The portal is easy to access and has been proven to be very helpful if you have any questions”.

Does really work?

Tiziano Soro

Tiziano Soro, sold his property in a very short time by putting it online on our portal: “When I decided to put my property in Sardinia up for sale, I contacted and found people who were competent and very willing to help me out. As soon as I put the ad online on the website, I received a lot of views, 8420 in 3 and a half months, and I received several emails from various parts of the world. Thanks to the portal, I was able to sell my property in a very short time”.

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