There is a dream shared by many people all around the world, which is Italy.

They explore every corner of the peninsula and love discovering known but especially unknown destinations. More frequently they love visiting Italy off-the-beaten-truck.

‘Love’ is really the word that we always find in the majority of the reviews and comments from international travellers to Italy that also use to find their second home in the country.

Brian Alexander from Pennsylvania, who fell in love at first sight with Assisi and decided that it would be his new home, explained this feeling very well: ‘I visited Assisi in July 2019 and fell in love with it. I would like to move there as soon as possible.’

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More and more overseas people spend their holidays in Italy and then decide to buy a house in the country to live there permanently or just for some months a year.

Tim Lacey, who visited Puglia as a young boy, says that no other country can compare to Italy: ‘I fell in love with Italy from my first trip there when I was nine. My wife and I visited many other beautiful places since then since there is no place in the world like Italy. The people, the landscapes, the history: everything is magical. That’s why I chose to live there.’

‘Le Marche region, from north to south, is the perfect balance of everything Italian, − says Cathy Forchielli, an American who bought a house in Le Marche region and moved there permanently − It has excellent food and wine, a mild climate, and within a few kilometres there are beaches and mountains. It has the highest concentration of medieval villages in Italy.’

The search for a higher quality of life is another reason why people from around the world buy Italian property. Andrew Park bought a house in Basilicata and this is what he said: ‘You make a good deal when you spend some quality time, no matter about money. I bought a place with a great view in Basilicata and have never looked back’.

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