…spoiler alert: it didn’t!

In these unsettling times it is not always easy to stay focused on your dream of looking for ‘a place in the sun’. Some of you may have postponed it, others just canceled it, redirecting their resources on more urgent and practical matters. Are there people still looking to buy a home in Italy? The answer is a resounding YES, especially with Gate-away.com!

So if you are one of them, you’re not alone.

As every year, also in the first 7 months of 2020 Gate-away.com registered an increase in the number of requests received from house hunters all around the world for property for sale in Italy despite of Covid-19: +19.07% compared to the same period in 2019.

After March (-35.13% of requests), the month coinciding with the coronavirus outbreak, the lockdown forced many people all around the world at home and it has been synonymous with more time to spend on property search too. June and July enquiries grew by 51.49% and 57.11% respectively compared to the same period in 2019. The best result ever in 12 years of Gate-away.com during these summer months.

Which regions in Italy are the most requested by overseas investors right now?

  1. Tuscany (+29,03% requests compared to the same period in 2019)
  2. Lombardy (+29,37%)
  3. Apulia (-1,3%)
  4. Abruzzo (+21,51%)
  5. Liguria (-1,73%)

Tuscany has always been on top of our ranking as the region that receives the highest number of enquiries and it is also the region with the highest number of listings with more than 7,700.

We saw growth especially in regions such as Lazio (+54,57%) and Molise (+95,87%).

And among the most sought-after destinations are those belonging to the top-three regions of the ranking, so we find Lake Como area (Lombardy), Salento (Apulia) and Lunigiana (Tuscany). They are followed by Itria Valley (Apulia), Maremma and Chianti (Tuscany).

The other lakes, Lake Maggiore (Lombardy and Piedmont) and Lake Trasimeno (Umbria) are respectively on the seventh and tenth place.

Where would you like to move to?

Which country has been the most active pursuing the Italian dream?

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Germany

Potential buyers from the United States are the ones who sent the highest number of enquiries so far even if they are still not allowed to come to Italy.

They are followed by France, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland.

What people around the world now think of Italy?

In a recent survey we conducted on the impact of COVID-19 on the image of Italy among over 50,000 international potential home buyers, 49,5% of respondents said that they still consider Italy as the safest country in the Mediterranean area to live and travel with the coronavirus and after that. Also, 75,1% of them think that today Italy represents the best opportunities as a real estate investment compared to other countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus.

People didn’t give up on their Italian dream. What about you? Tell us in the comments below.