In 2021 it’s Italia mania (Italy mania) all over the world. It’s a golden age for Italy.

The country has always had a strong appeal for everybody, but year 2020/2021 marked and incredible success for the ‘made in Italy’ worldwide despite Covid-19 pandemic which has severely affected the bel paese, as well as the rest of the planet.

Italy’s Main Milestones in 2021

  • Record number of requests from abroad for properties for sale in Italy. official report for 2021 registered a + 102.66% in the first six months of the year compared to the same period in 2020.
  • Record for non-durable consumer goods exports, of which food represents a large part: +11.5% in the first six-month period in 2021 compared to the same period in 2020 (source: ISTAT data).
  • Italian music triumphs all over the world this year with Laura Pausini who won the Best Original Song prize at the Golden Globes for Io Sì (Seen) from La vita davanti a sé (The Life Ahead), Sofia Loren’s latest film. She has also received a nomination for Best Original Song during the Oscars 2021. The Italian rock band Måneskin have come out on top of the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Zitti e buoni. They also hit UK and US top charts with their songs.
  • Italian sport wins it (almost) all at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with 10 gold, 10 silver and 20 bronze medals. Among the most memorable ones are the golden men’s high jump of Gianmarco Tamberi and men’s 100m of Lamont Marcell Jacobs. Italy also won at the European Football Championship 2021.

Enjoy our #italiamania video series, starting from this one about the success of Italian music all over the world: from melodic to rock songs. It’s 63 years of Italian hits. Other videos are coming, stay tuned!

Can you name some of these songs?

It’s a roundup of Italian hits that have had international success from 1958 till today.

It starts with Volare by the one and only Domenico Modugno. This is probably the most representative song of the Italian singer-songwriting tradition and the most famous in the world which came third at Eurovision in 1958. Volare is probably one of the most known Italian words abroad.

They tell that a radio DJ in Michigan, USA, fell in love with this song that he played it on the air quite often. Within a few weeks Modugno’s song became a success also in America reaching the top of the charts. This song really marked a turning point in the Italian music scene.

Since then Italy experiences 63 years of great international music successes (watch the video), from Mina to Raffaella Carrà, from Zucchero to Ramazzotti.

In 2021 Italy rides high on international stages once again with rock music with the Måneskin. The band is showing the whole world that Italy is also rock now more than.