Many overseas buyers looking for real estate in Italy are starting to focus more on buying a home in Piedmont.

According to statistics for the inquiries we received in 2014, Piedmont is in 8th position among the most popular region of Italy with an increase in interest by 20% compared to 2013.

The Piedmont region is superbly located, bordering with France and Switzerland and some of the most beautiful mountainous areas of Italy, so it’s surrounded on three sides by the Alps.

One of the up and coming areas of Piedmont receiving a great deal of buyer attention is Montferrat and many overseas buyers looking for a home in Piedmont are finding it is an ideal choice of location.

Why Montferrat?

#1 The area is one of the principal wine growing areas of Italy and has a long history which dates back to the Middle Ages, so visitors will find the wealth of castles and vineyards in the region of particular interest.

#2 Montferrat was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, along with its twin areas of Langhe and Roero in Piedmont, and property insiders feel this region could be considered the “new Tuscany” with overseas’ buyers vying to buy properties in the area.

Church of San Nazario e Celso in Montechiaro d’Asti by lfphotos

#3 It’s possible to find the most beautiful, historic farmhouses for sale here in areas of outstanding natural beauty and nestling amongst vineyards which are renowned for their high quality wines, many of them achieving Italian DOC classification which is a guarantee of high standards throughout the growing and wine making process.

#4 From a geographic perspective Montferrat is ideally situated for travel to and from the airports of Turin or Milan and close to scenic coastline around the Genoa neighbourhood and beaches, and mountain sports locations, from a recreational point of view. Many people looking to purchase a new home in Italy will find this is one of the most superb regions for living the dream lifestyle.

Information on Montferrat Real Estate

Anyone looking to buy a new home in Piedmont is well advised to check out the prices of Montferrat real estate which are very competitive.

In Basso Monferrato (northern Montferrat) buyers can expect to pay €800 to €1,400 per square meter for properties needing restoration. Some of these properties have a long history and many have the benefit of land.

A recent example of a home of this nature was a farmhouse in the region which had 100 square meters of internal living space with the benefit of around 30,000 square meters of land and was on the market for just €80,000.

Rolling hills in Piedmont by angelocesare

Restored properties are a bit more expensive. A restored apartment with terrace and 75 square meters of living space recently sold for €125,000. Home buyers can expect to pay in the region of €1,250 to €1,750 per square meter for restored homes.

Brand new homes are the most expensive, coming in around €1,820 to €2,000 per square meter of living space.

Monferrato map

Home buyers prepared to spend time shopping around will find some real bargain in Basso Monferrato. An old farmhouse that had been restored and featured a wide and distinguished frontage and was surrounded by its own land was recently marketed at €1,100 per square meter in the Casale Monferrato municipality.

• Property in Alto Monferrato (southern Montferrat) is even more reasonable for property purchasers. Buyers should expect to pay around €350 to €1,100 per square meter for properties requiring restoration and renovation. A recent sale instruction in Acqui Terme was marketed at a knock down price of €60,000 for a large property needing restoration, having 350 square meters of internal living space, with land.

Buyers should expect to pay around €1,000 to €2,300 per square meter for restored and renovated homes in Acqui Terme, with slightly lower prices for areas like Ponzone.

Home hunters looking for more bang for the buck is sure to find his perfect property in this region.

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