Overseas home-hunters looking for a perfect ski property in Italy should look no further than the beautiful region of Abruzzo.

Indeed it is becoming more popular with overseas property purchasers as the secrets of this beautiful region become more well known. Our annual report conducted on the enquiries we’ve received in 2014 from international purchasers looking for a home in Italy shows that interest in Abruzzo grew by 21.1% compared to 2013.

One very important selling point to overseas buyers is the proximity of Abruzzo to 2 main airports: Rome and Pescara. And if you’re planning on purchasing a second home in Italy, the fact that several of the budget airlines fly into these airports could well be a factor that sells Abruzzo as a great choice to you.

main flights from Pescara

If you enjoy downhill and cross-country skiing just a few kilometres away from the sea your Abruzzo home gives you everything you need to enjoy life to the max.

Abruzzo offers you the beauty and greenery you need, with three National Parks for summer recreational fun, alongside the beautiful and secluded Adriatic beaches the whole family adores. What more could anybody ask from an overseas residence?

A great alternative to Dolomites and Alps

The north of Italy is usually the only area most people consider when they think of skiing in Italy, probably because they are more famous abroad. What many of you likely don’t know is that Italy boasts many ski destinations throughout the country, and Abruzzo is one of these hidden gems.

The fantastic skiing in the beautiful Apennine mountains of Abruzzo offers you heavy snow and a ski season from the end of November/early December until the end of March and it’s sure ski buffs will jump at the opportunity of buying property here.

Skiing in Ovindoli by chiccops

When you contemplate the area also offers 130km of beautiful Adriatic coastline to explore in warmer weather, plus national parks and beautiful medieval homes and villages scattered on lush hillsides, it’s not difficult to understand why anybody would want to live in the Abruzzo region.

To top it all off you’ll find the wines, availability of top quality food produce and local food specialities in restaurants will give you reasons to keep returning to the Abruzzo region.

Ski property in Abruzzo

Gate-Away.com is seeing more and more interest from overseas purchasers and we think this interest in Abruzzo will continue.

Why? Properties are inexpensive and buyers get a whole lot of bang for the buck when they buy homes in the region. Buying your new home in an area about halfway between the formidable mountain ranges and glorious, secluded beaches will give you the very best lifestyle choices when you’re staying in your new Abruzzo home.

Rocca Calascio
Rocca Calascio: one of the most beautiful castles in the world according to National Geographic – by marcobellucci

This region is still scarcely populated and not on the main radar of public interest. We don’t expect this to continue forever. Abruzzo property prices could rise over the year so buyers need to take a look at what’s available and make their decisions as soon as they are able.

Let’s see some examples of properties recently for sale in Abruzzo:

If you’re thinking to buy a ski property in Italy to restore you could find it within the beautiful town of Roccaraso, one of the most important ski resort of central and southern Italy with its 160 km of ski slopes. What about a lovely apartment of 75 sq m in need of some modernisation and renovations for just €50,000? At this price what ski aficionado could possibly fail to jump at this?

Just a few minutes drive away from the ski facilities of Roccaraso, you can get for instance a beautiful studio apartment in the village of Rocca Pia which has been fully renovated and that will cost you about €60,000.

Lake Campotosto
Lago di Campotosto at sunset by stormino

If you enjoy fishing in your spare time, as well as skiing and visiting all the beautiful medieval villages sited in Abruzzo you might prefer to look at a fantastic restored villa, with wide frontage, lovely garden and fantastic views across the valley and the mountains in the lovely town of Scanno. If you look carefully here you could find wonderful bargains like this for just €1,300 per sq m.

We could go on and on extolling the virtues of Abruzzo as a fantastic location for your ski property in Italy. Don’t take our word for it though, take time to visit the region and soak up the atmosphere, we’re pretty sure you’ll adore it and with our help your dreams of buying an Abruzzo property can easily become reality.

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