You know that here at we always try to promote the beauty of Italy around the world, so you can discover the entire country to choose the best place for you to buy a house where to move to.

This is also the case of #mycornerofitaly, the new campaign which aims to make the various regions and areas of Italy better known to an international audience through the eyes of our selected estate agents.

Local estate agencies will tell you about Italy 

We have chosen some professional and reliable local estate agencies among those advertising their properties for sale in Italy on who will tell you about their corner of Italy through a series of posts that you’ll find on our social channels from this week on.

They will show you the beauty of their piece of Italy including typical dishes and must-visit places but also typical properties you can find there.

So if you are looking in those areas of Italy, you can rely on them to find your dream home. Or, if you still didn’t know those corners of our beautiful country maybe you’ll fall in love with them.

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