You have always wanted to relocate to Italy, but you are afraid of moving alone to a new country? 22% of potential house hunters using looking for their perfect home in the bel paese are single. According to our experience many of them made the move successfully and without regrets.

If you want to start a new life but you are not sure if Italy is the right place for you. Here are 4 things you should know.

1. Meeting people is very easy

In Italy you have a funny way to meet new people while experiencing the culture. What does it mean? There are many courses in Italy that you can attend to learn more about Italy, acquiring new skills and make new friends, like Italian language classes or cooking and ceramic course just to name a few. They are all an excellent opportunity to meet people with your same interests. And of course, once you’ve learned how to cook the best Italian specialties, you can invite them to your place.

2. Italians are friendly

Socialize won’t be a problem for you. Generally people in Italy are really very helpful and generous, it’s not an urban legend.

Usually they are proactive about telling you where to go, what to avoid, etc.

Especially in the countryside and in smaller towns where everyone knows each other and there is a stronger sense of community, you will find people to be super generous.

3. Italy is a safe country

Italy is in 38h place according to the Global peace index 2019 out of 163 independent states and territories. A ranking that takes into consideration several factors split into three categories, which are militarization, safety and security, domestic and international conflict. It is followed by Uk in 45th position, France (59), Cypro (61) and Greece (63).

4. You may find love

Never say never. According to Istat, the Italian National Institute of Statistics, in 2017 a third of the families was formed by just a single person. The percentage is higher in Central Italy, while Southern Italy has the lowest percentage. So, if your are looking for love, head to the south of the boot-shaped country.

Have you already moved to Italy alone? Any consideration to add? Let us know in comments below!