What About House Hunters and Their Italian Property Dream? – Survey Results Revealed

| April 21, 2020

Coronavirus and property in Italy - survey results

What international house hunters now think of Italy because of the current situation with Coronavirus? Will Covid 19 affect their dream of purchasing a second home there? No way.

On April 10th we’ve asked our 50,000 Newsletter subscribers through a survey for which we received an overwhelming response. Their love for Italy, their feedback and support is extremely important to us, now more than ever, and will help us better understand what their fears and needs are or if they’ve changed in order to offer a better service.

But are you curious to see the results?

Overseas buyers still dream about a home in Italy despite Covid 19

We found out that over 96% of those who submitted the survey, who were interested in buying a house in the bel paese, are still determined to own their slice of la dolce vita despite Coronavirus. Only a few gave up on their dream of a retreat in Italy, and abroad more in general. But, above all, the number of those who are looking for a house abroad with Italy as their only choice are now growing: 60% compared to a 55% in the previous years.

The majority of people are stuck at home like us here in Italy and over the 50% of those who answered claimed that is taking advantage of this time to keep searching for real estate and gather as much information as possible on properties they saw advertised on the Internet so they will be ready to come and visit them as soon as the situation permits.

Coronavirus and property in Italy - Infographic part 1

In the meanwhile, since visiting a property abroad remains crucial for many people and they won’t be able to come to Italy very soon, on Gate-away.com you can tour virtually many properties advertised on our portal thanks to technology. Some housing solutions has virtual tours or videos. If so, you will see respectively a 360 degrees icon or a play icon just below the photos in each property page. So will only have to clik on it and expplore your favorite houses. We have also created a gallery of real estates boasting virtual tours. Click here and check it.

Coronavirus and property in Italy - Infographic part 2

2 thoughts on “What About House Hunters and Their Italian Property Dream? – Survey Results Revealed

  1. yoel blumberger

    Thanks for the information. One basic issue that everyone is thinking of and you didn’t referred to is price. Let say that I still want to buy a property in Italy. For sure, the situation has effect on the prices of properties, up , down, now, later etc. I think that if you want to encourage people to invest you should say something about trends. Even to say “we are not sure what is going to be with prices” but at least to say something. Its obvious that you have your interests but still, may be to send a link to two opinions of Italian economists.

    1. Gate-away.com

      Hi Yoel,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. Very soon we will write something also about prices for sure, even if at the moment they are just forecasts.

      All the best,

      the Gate-away.com team


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