Are you on the lookout for your perfect Italian home or your next holiday destination? Look no further than Pesaro, a jewel of Italy’s Le Marche region.

Named Italy’s cultural capital of 2024, this vibrant city is a treasure trove of architectural wonders, a lively arts scene, and a real estate market that is as attractive as it is resilient.

Why should you visit Pesaro and its surroundings?

1. The city is well-connected and surprisingly accessible, thanks to the A14 motorway and two international airports situated less than an hour away, which are Ancona and Rimini.

2. Since 2005 it has always been awarded with the blue flag for its wonderful beaches by the Foundation for Environmental Education (Fee), but it has also a prestigious historic centre that boasts several interesting buildings such as Palazzo Ducale or the Cathedral. The Imperial villa situated on a hill not far from the city is also worth a visit.

3. Nature lovers will be pleased to find the natural Park of Mount San Bartolo nearby, a green heart that will enchant you with striking views. There are hiking and bike routes, but also charming hamlets to explore.

Aerial view of Pesaro
Aerial view of Pesaro, Italy during the festive Christmas period, showcasing the city’s celebrated architecture and quaint charm

4. Along with Bologna and Bolzano, Pesaro is one of the three Italian places included in the UNESCO Creative Cities network, which is a way of promoting cooperation between cities that use the creative arts as a means of sustainable urban development. 

As a matter of fact it is renowned as the birthplace of the famous Italian composer Gioachino Rossini who was also a gourmand and wine connoisseur. He invented a well known cocktail in italy which is the Rossini. This cocktail combines Prosecco and puréed strawberries for a sweet and slightly sour fruity taste. It is a perfect Italian brunch cocktail and also makes an excellent dessert cocktail.

The 15th century house in which Rossini was born, Casa Rossini, is situated in one of Pesaro’s main streets and is now open as a museum.

The city’s calendar buzzes also with numerous cultural events, especially ones revolving around music and art. Residents and tourists alike look forward to the Rossini Opera Festival, an internationally acclaimed event held every August.

Real estate market in Pesaro

Let’s not forget one key aspect that brings us here – real estate. The property market in Pesaro is steadily growing, with a vast range of properties that cater to various needs and budgets. You will find everything from quaint country houses nestled amidst olive groves and vineyards to luxurious villas overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The city center is replete with historic apartments, each with their unique charm, and more modern accommodations also abound for those looking for a touch of contemporaneity.

A house is not just a tangible property; it’s a ticket to a lifestyle. By choosing Pesaro, you’re opting for a life enriched with beautiful landscapes, compelling history, energetic cultural scenes, and of course, a promising real estate market.

Apartments for sale in Pesaro starting from € 23,500: click and see the list.

farmhouses for sale in the surroundings of Pesaro from € 110,000: click and see the list.

So, as you embark on your house hunting journey in Italy, do factor in Pesaro. The city is just waiting to enchant you with its coastal charm, cultural heritage, and inviting real estate market. Come immerse yourself in the delightful amalgamation that is Italy’s Capital of Culture 2024!