Happiness is a positive emotion that we all hope to achieve in life. However, happiness is often confused with the pursuit of momentary or material pleasures, but in reality it is much more than this.

International Day of Happiness, which has been established in 2012 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, is celebrated on 20 March every year with the purpose of knowing the value of happiness in one’s life and creating awareness around it. 

The Pursuit of Happyness with the CHO

Happiness is also one of the core values of Gate-away.com so much so that the company also has its own CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) in the team who is Annalisa Angellotti, one of the portal co-founders.

Thanks to Annalisa, over the last few years at Gate-away.com we have organized numerous initiatives and projects that have allowed the team to create a better workplace, increasing the motivation, cooperation and creativity of its employees.

A path of growth, both personal and for the team, that has led our company to a new evolution on the well-being and welfare front. Today we are promoters of new ways of working taking advantage of different methods using play and happiness techniques that are now also a prototype for all those companies that want to grow together with their employees.

Amongst the main initiatives to improve the team synergy and the balance of work life, and so happiness are flex schedules, pilates at lunch time and many team building activities.

More about corporate welfare at Gate-away.com.

G.I.L.: recognising and rewarding positive actions

In 2023 Gate-away.com started to increase its G.I.L. (Gross Internal Gratitude), namely the sum of positive actions that are exchanged between colleagues during the year.

'Peer Reward' method at Gate-away.com

G.I.L. can increase thanks to the ‘Peer Reward’ method. A simple way to encourage team members to praise and acknowledge each other for a well-done job, for brightening someone’s day or for helping out. And, as a result, this can make the corporate culture flourish.

For this reason, tokens called ‘claps’ were created and donated to recognise and celebrate certain actions of colleagues.

Team members were given 10 claps each, personalised with their own avatar, to donate each month. Each clap that was donated was attached to a magnetic board and accompanied by a note with the reason for having donated that clap to that person to keep track of the positive actions that took place.

Which behaviour has been rewarded?

  • Cuteness – Valuable action that is good for your heart
  • Support – Unexpected support for a project
  • Genius – Creative idea that makes a difference
  • Connection – Engaging initiative that brings the team or some members of the team together
  • ??? – Wonderful behaviour that doesn’t belong to the above categories.

At Gate-away.com we want to be promoteer of cultural change, working every day for a world in which companies can motivate and incentivise their employees, promoting a greater focus on wellbeing and creating a positive workspace.