Continuing with our trip throughout the Italy’s hidden gems, this time we would like to explore Trentino-Alto Adige.

Where in Italy is Trentino-Alto Adige?

It’s a region situated in Northern Italy, bordering Austria and Switzerland. 

It is divided into two areas: Trentino area in the province of Trento and Alto Adige area in the province of Bolzano. The difference between the two is mostly linguistic: Alto Adige people speak German fluently and feel more connected to Austria for historic reasons. Therefore the official languages are Italian and German, but there is also a community that speaks Ladin.

The entire region has an extraordinary mountain landscape that can be enjoyed both in Summer and in Winter. 

If you are looking for magic scenery and tranquility in contact with nature and tradition, this is the place for you.

1 – Enjoy the Christmas feeling

Many cities and villages in Trentino-Alto Adige are known for their Christmas markets. Bolzano, Merano, Brunico, Bressanone and Vipiteno are the oldest ones, strongly influenced by the vicinity of Austria and Germany, but each and every hamlet has its own enchanting magical feeling. 

Most of them last more than a month, from late November till January 6th. 

Characteristic little hamlets are perfectly decorated where handcrafted objects and antiques compete for the squares with food kiosks. Vin brulè (mulled wine) will warm you up for the tour! 

2 – Spend time in nature

When you think about Trentino-Alto Adige, a striking mountain top is what comes to mind! 

The Dolomites are the very essence of the region and were designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Passo Pordoi, Marmolada, just to name the most famous ones, but every corner encloses a hidden jewel. 

It could be an unforgettable experience for ski and winter sports lovers, but also a paradise for long walks and cool weather in summer.

The Altopiano del Renon has been well-known since 1800 by locals to be the ideal place for high-altitude summer coolness. There are many spectacular paths for every taste.

If you dare, you can go rafting in the Noce river or canyoning in one of the many valleys. After you get your adrenaline fix, find a peaceful spot to take in the endless mountain views. 

Find your fairytale property in Trentino-Alto Adige region.

3 – Its comfort foods will warm you up on a winter’s night

Trentino-Alto Adige is home to stunning mountains and outdoor activities, so many local dishes are warm, hearty foods to give your strengths. 


Canederli are bread dumplings usually served in a warming beef broth or with melted butter.

Spaetzle are a kind of small gnocchi with a characteristic teardrop shape. They can be simply sauté with a little butter and chives or there is also a delicious spinach version.

Both these dishes are really common also in Austria and Southern Germany.

Polenta is a dish that can be found all around Italy, mainly in mountain areas. In Trentino-Alto Adige there are two main versions: polenta di patate (polenta with potatoes) and polenta carbonera. The main ingredient is corn flour that is mainly grown and produced in Storo and the Chiese valley.

Polenta carbonera is enriched with local cheese and cold cuts.

Keep exploring!

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