5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home in Milan

Well done, Italy! Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Lombardy will host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games beating Stockholm-Åre. Milan is now at the centre of the world’s spotlight and it will be for the next years as its entire surrounding area. It has many things and opportunities to offer that make it a perfect destination for house hunters… Read More »

Heading to Italy: City or Country Life?

Dreaming of moving to the countryside? As well as having some of the world’s most idyllic countryside, did you know that Italy also has some of our planet’s most beautiful and livable cities? While many countries tend to do better with either their rural landscapes or their urban spaces, Italy really does excel with both. Almost every Italian… Read More »

A Love Letter to Le Marche from Cathy

Welcome to our expat series! After our interview to Rachael and Tom from Michigan who bought a house in a picturesque medieval village in Umbria, we’ve received this letter from one of the most active members of our Facebook Community about Italy. That’s the story about how Cathy from USA fell in love with a local, Enrico, and… Read More »