Le Marche: One of the Top Places in the World to Retire

| November 19, 2019

View of Conero

Le Marche is a hit among the retired community. Choosing a place to retire tends to be a big decision for people. After spending a lifetime working every day of their lives to make enough money to support themselves, their families and to have enough left over to retire, many have to think of a place where all of that will have been worth it.

AARP, the American Association of Retired Person with more than 39 millions of members, did a survey to find out where people are retiring to now, and the verdict is in. Le Marche is one of the best places to retire abroad and in fact so many people are buying property on farms or houses for sale in their favourite part of the region!

Not only retirees, Le Marche is the ideal destination also for holidaymakers and house hunters

This year national and international mass media named Le Marche as the best place to be in Italy and in the world.

In its Best in Travel 2020, the Lonely planet include the region in the top three of the best destinations, journeys and sustainable travel experiences for the year ahead. The exclusive list have been drawn up based on travellers’ reviews, from those of their writers and editors to their social media network and beyond.

Also the Forbes, in a recent article, has chosen the area as the perfect Italian destination to experience authentic Italy.

This has been confirmed also by many expats who moved to Italy and that highly recommend the area as one of the best places in Italy to start a new live.

Why Le Marche worth a visit

  • There are dishes that are to die for, which draw in the people who love authentic Italian cuisine and the beauty of a city’s architecture, especially the walled city of Urbino, which is such an exquisite backdrop for it all, as is the waterfront view.
  • It boasts 28 small villages that are in the list of the most beautiful villages of Italy for 2019. Not even Tuscany has that many, and while the two regions are remarkably similar the housing prices in Le Marche are so much cheaper and the cost of living is also a great deal less.
  • It has 15 different resorts that have won the blue flag. They judge strictly on all of the resort criteria including how clean it is to see if it is worthy of the honour and so many of the resorts here are.
  • Another important aspect regards the health care system that is top notch as well, one of the best in Italy, leaving people free to see a doctor, knowing they are being well cared for. Not to mention how it can be easy to explored through its widespread public transport networks.

Retirement should be a paradise, a place to go after working so hard for so long, and here it truly is one and that’s why real estate in Le Marche is booming. There is no better place to spend your years free of work or your holidays than in this fabulous place that still lays untouched just off the tourist radar.

So hurry up and head to the region before property prices start to rise. Click here to browse the perfect home for you in this part of the peninsula.