The Pros and Cons of Restoration

Transforming an old tumbledown property into a tailor-made home is the ultimate dream of many buyers in Italy. Over the last forty years or so, many thousands of foreign buyers have made that dream a reality whether by totally rebuilding a ruined pile of old stones to make a splendid house, or merely by tweaking and fixing-up a… Read More »

Where to Buy in Southern Europe?

Looking for a place in the sun.. but where? This is certainly the question that those who have a capital to invest or that are simply thinking of moving overseas after retirement ask themselves especially in the present turnmoil that hit Europe and the entire western world.

The Veneto, Dreamy and Dramatic

Home to shimmering, fantastical Venice and to Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, it’s no surprise that the Veneto is one of Italy’s most romantic regions. The architecture is dreamily beautiful, the countryside is soft and pretty, and while the south is dominated by mystical lagoons and sinuous rivers, the north offers the dramatic golden needles of the high Dolomites.… Read More »

Italy’s Paradise Island

by Fleur Kinson There’s no doubt about it, Sardinia is one of Italy’s most special places. Unique and even a little enigmatic, there’s nowhere quite like it. Basking in the middle of the Mediterranean between Sicily and Corsica, Sardinia is rather sleepier, less crowded and arguably even more enchanting than either of its neighbour islands. It has an… Read More »

The Best Places to Buy Your Italian Farmhouse

What is possibly the most popular and sought-after Italian dwelling? The answer is a farmhouse! Wooden beams, stone or exposed brick walls, the presence of a wood oven or a well are just some of its architectural elements. There is no region or province that does not have its ancient  buildings, clearly with their different local peculiarities which… Read More »

Secret Gems of the North

by Fleur Kinson Orderly and elegant, with some of the country’s most sublime landscapes, northern Italy has long been adored by foreign buyers. From the celestial peaks of the Alps and Dolomites to the romantic beauty of dreamy lakesides, from rural walks to jewel-like cities, top gastronomy to fine wines, the north has an embarrassment of riches. Three… Read More »

Prices Still Falling: Where to Buy

Time to grab your dream home in Italy? Yes, absolutely! If you are keenly hunting your own sun-kissed refuge, you ought to seize the opportunity with both hands as we expect the Italian housing market to stay depressed this year, weighed down by the uncertain prospects for economic growth and by high unemployment. It will continue to decline… Read More »