Come Join Us in Le Marche for the Event ‘Art in Stone’

| April 13, 2017
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The heart of Italy is still beating!

Here in Le Marche, where we are based, we are supporting many events to help the region rise again after the earthquakes that struck the area. But there are so many treasures still to be discovered by tourists and locals that you shouldn’t miss as no earthquakes will stop us.

So if you are in Italy on Monday, April 17th, 2017, come join us in Ascoli Piceno! We will be there as the organizers of ‘Art in Stone’ (‘Arte nella Pietra’), a cultural treasure hunt through the most beautiful corners of Ascoli Piceno, the so called ‘city of one hundred towers’. It’s an event completely dedicated to the families. And entry is free of charge.

If you’ve never been to Ascoli Piceno, you should definitely come and visit! See you there!

ART IN STONE (ARTE NELLA PIETRA) – More about the event:

‘Articolate’ in partnership with the Town of Ascoli Piceno and, presents Art in ‘Stone’ – a journey through dance, music, photography, painting, archaeology and flavours of the Piceno area across five mystery locations in the old town centre.

Entry is free of charge and once you register for the event you will receive a map of the town. Roll the dice and find out where your treasure hunt will start!

Meeting point: Arringo square in Ascoli Piceno from 3.30 pm to 7 pm on Monday, April 17th, 2017.


CONTRASTI NELLA PIETRA (Contrasts in stone):

  • LIVE PAINTING with PIETRO CARDARELLI: Live painting by Pietro Cardarelli, a versatile artist, well-known for art videos and set designer activities.
  • “GROOVIN’ BROTHERS” DANCE – DJ CHIARELLA: The ‘Groovin’ Brothers’ are a well-known breakdancing crew from Ancona leading by Paolo Swift. They willperform with the hip hop DJ Chiarella


  • “THE HOLOGRAMS” LIVE MUSIC: In a spiritual and magical place the female group “the Holograms” will explore different musical styles – rock, pop, blues, swing and country. All with original arrangements and a mix of instruments such as drums, bass and keyboard, ukulele, violin and cello.
  • JUGGLING – WINE TASTING EXPERIENCE: Wine tasting with local wines from ‘Consorzio Vini Piceni’ with Valerio Conti Borbone.
    Magical Entertainment with soap bubbles by Katia De Cesare.

SOGNI NELLA PIETRA (Dreams in stone)

  • ARTICOLATE DANCE AND THEATRE COMPANY and OFFICINA D’AUTORE LIVE – archaeology: The dance company and some of the actors from ‘ArtiColate’ school, with the participation of the acoustic trio ‘Officina d’Autore’ will perform a show dedicated to the dreams. A tribute to all those who still yearns, to the ideas and passions.
    Lella Palumbi will accompany the show with notes of history and archaeology.

TERRA SULLA PIETRA (Earth on stone)

  • COLLETTIVO DANZA “LUNA DANCE THEATRE”: ‘Luna Dance Theatre’ and the choreographers Simona Ficosecco from Ancona are back in town with “Wood”, a dancing show that is a journey into the jungle in search of the unexplored paths of our souls.
    ‘Luna Dance Theatre’ has participated in many important national and international festivals and is supported by important collaborations such as AMAT and Marches Theater and guest choreographers.
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