You’ve just bought your property in Italy. So what’s next?

That’s a crucial question for many people, as moving to another country is a thrilling but also a stressful experience.

Probably some of you have already moved across town, but a cross-country relocation is definitely another story! However, if you follow our tips, they will help you help you make your move as smooth as possible.

Moving tips

1. Plan your move in advance

There is nothing worse than to pack up all your belongings and go searching for a moving company at the last moment. You need time to find the one that best suits your needs and to book it for the date and time you want to move.

You’d better arrange everything some months prior to your scheduled departure, as it is likely you won’t get many trips from one country to another, or even from one continent to another.

2. Sort your stuff

Are you sure that you need that curling iron you haven’t used in years? Get rid of the things you don’t really need and save your time and money to invest in a well-respected removals company, as the more items you have to bring, the more expensive the removal will be. You can always sell or donate items that you think you will probably not use again.

3. Pack responsibly

Use solid and durable boxes to safeguard your belongings during the journey and label each of them to make the unpacking process easier.

4. Decide on the type of move

Will you be transporting everything by car? Will you have a removal company take care of the transport? In which case, find the best for you and make sure it is available for the date you need. Or both?

• What about items of furniture and other effects? If you are an EU citizen you only have to supply a list of your things to your moving company. If you come from outside Europe you also have to provide all documentation required for customs clearance purpose, in which case the company will advise you about the certificates you need.

And suppose that you bring some belongings with you. Then remember that Customs could perform some checks and apply levy duty on your brand new stuff, such as laptop or mp3 player for instance.

• Travelling with your own car/vehicle? After 6 months being in Italy without paying customs duties, you will have to register it in Italy. This means that it has to undergo a road worthiness test (collaudo), unless it is a used vehicle from another EU country coming with its technical specifications form. In any case, there are some companies called “agenzie pratiche auto” that arrange everything for you in order to avoid any hitch.

5. Keep cool

Don’t lose your nerve, and at the end you will enjoy your dolce vita!