Liguria is a region of Italy in which a lot of tourists tend to visit and enjoy. More and more people who spend their holidays in Italy are going to this specific area which often is also the site of many non-Italians’ second or holiday homes.

It is usually synonyms for the Italian Riviera, its unique littoral ideally divided into Riviera di Levante, the more wild one, and Riviera di Ponente. But just a few kilometers from the coastline lies its more tranquil, less crowded and equally stunning side, namely Liguria’s hinterland. That’s why it represents a lovely and perfect area where many desirable yet cheap property for sale are not only available, but highly sought out.

So many people move to this region from other countries because of all that it has to offer. Being only a few kilometers from the beach, its hinterland is a huge selling point. Being able to visit the beach with ease at any time is a real treat. There are even some properties from which you can see the water as they are situated on mountains or hilltops locations rising steeply from the sea.

The area also has an extremely desirable climate as well. The summers and winters both have very mild weather and sunny days. It cools off at night so that, in the summer especially, you don’t feel too hot while sleeping. Also, there is something about the way it feels to curl up in bed at night under a nice, thick blanket to get warm. Nights that are too warm don’t allow for this feeling of comfort, warmth and safety.

Buy property for sale in Liguria just a few kilometres from the beach

If you are considering getting a second home in Italy, a holiday home or moving here altogether, then there is no better place than its hinterland, especially for those who love the beach. A lot of Liguria property for sale is pretty cheap here, yet still allows you to be so close to the coast where you can spend as much time as you like seaside, and then retreat back to your quite abode a few kilometres away when it starts to get too crowded. House for sale in Liguria, especially in this area is highly sought after for all of these reasons. This beautiful area is a dream come true for most people.

An example? In the characteristic hamlet of Pigna, orange flag of the Touring Club which rises just 17 kilometres away from the sea, for around €50,000/60,000 you can grab a typical detached house to be restored or an habitable apartment. Whereas if you’re looking for a completely renovated apartment, you can get one for €95,000, or starting from around €130,000 for a real estate in the very old town centre.

With nearly 20,000 property for sale in Italy and more than 2,000 in Liguria on you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you:

[Featured image by Alberto Gragera]