Abruzzo is a very old and very beautiful part of Italy. It is called the greenest part of Italy because it has National Parks and protected Nature Reserves on a third of the region. They have 3 National parks and 38 different Nature Reserves. The beauty of the region is not just on the surface but in its heart as well. They protect rare species in order to ensure their safety and make sure they do not become yet another endangered or extinct species. A diplomatic journalist once came to Abruzzo and spent some time there. After he had done so he was quoted as saying that the area was “strong and gentle”, which has become their personal motto ever since. With such strong history and faith and such goodness in their hearts, both the region and the people definitely qualify as being both and have earned that motto.

L’Aquila is a city in the Abruzzo region where the people have held to their standard of being strong, even during hard times. In 2009, there was an earthquake that did quite a bit of damage to the area and the historical center is still being rebuilt. This particular city has many amazing things to see. For starters, the Fountain of the 99 Spouts, which was completely fixed after the earthquake. This fountain consists of 93 gargoyles with stone spouts and another 6 single spouts spaced far apart on a second tier, letting the water that the gargoyles spit out flow down to the bottom. There is also the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, in which part of L’Aquila lies. The auditorium of the Castle is basically a concert hall and theater thought up by Claudio Abbado and designed and built by Renzo Piano. As a show of unity after the damage done by the earthquake, it was paid for entirely by the autonomous province of Trento.

So many foreign visitors love this region, as it is full of beauty and heart.
If you are thinking of buying a second home or a vacation home abroad, you should consider real estate in Abruzzo Italy. It’s filled with Renaissance architecture, art, theaters, and some ski resorts near the area, making Abruzzo especially perfect for a winter vacation home. Their climate is much like that of America’s: the mountains keep the humidity away from the region so that the summer air is not heavy with water.

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