Lombardy is the perfect place for a farmhouse. Don’t you agree?

The region attracts numbers of British and European buyers who want a quiet place immersed in greenery, yet a few steps away from major city centres, such as Milan, or the ideal location to become involved in Italy’s wine industry. This is one of the biggest wine producing area in the peninsula.

Even before the sagas of Ancient Rome, Lombardy was already well known for this. As time progressed many Italian monasteries were known to produce much of the area’s wine. Nowadays, converted monasteries and farmhouses are the main locations for this purpose, especially Franciacorta, arguably, Italy’s best and most expensive sparkling wine, a very close cousin to champagne.

But Lombardy also has a lot to offer to prospective property buyers. It is also noted for its art, bohemian, and music centres, Stradivarius had his workshop in Cremona, known as the home of the violin.

Country houses market

While not as popular as the “Chiantishire” in Tuscany, both Franciacorta and Oltrepo Pavese are the best locations to find affordable country houses, and are considered by many people to be some of the most beautiful parts of the country. They are ideal to settle also for anyone interested in becoming involved with wine production.

They abound with wonderful scenery and views over Iseo Lake and are great places for search for farmhouses ripe for conversion.

Oltrepo Pavese
Oltrepo Pavese covered in snow by Uberto

Oltrepo Pavese

Laid among the foothills that run between the Po river and the Apennines, Oltrepo Pavese has the ideal climate for wine production – more than half of Lombardy wine comes from this area.

The cascinale is the most typical type of farmhouse conversion in this area. It’s a traditional property whose surface ranges from about 120 m² to 200 m² and nestled on a plot of land of approximately 2,000/4,000 m². Prices start at the lower end of €80,000 unconverted, and between €300,000/€400,000 converted.

Example: in the town of Cecima you can find a perfectly restored stone-built country house surrounded by the hills for less than €1,500 m².

Vineyards in Franciacorta by Fabio Ingrosso

Franciacorta Area

Many people are looking for a farmhouse in Franciacorta because prices are still quite affordable and you can find many properties dating back to 19th and 20th century in panoramic positions with amazing views.

In the majority of cases they need to be renovated and you could spend about €500/1,000 per m² depending on the location and if it is a detached property or not. A restoration may cost you around €1,000 to €1300 per sq m².