Italy possesses 70% of the world’s cultural, artistic and historical heritage, and the Abruzzo region is one that holds many of these qualities. Often referred to as ‘Europe’s Green Region’ with the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and many other natural parks and reserves, it has so much to offer those who visit.

For the 2015 period, data detailed that there were growing requests for property for sale in Abruzzo, and particularly from the British. It is this specific region in Italy that appears to capture above all the hearts of the British and this is perhaps due to its wonderful culture and natural surroundings.

The Abruzzo region boasts unbeatable history and artistic heritage

Formerly known as Sextantio, Santo Stefano di Sessanio has been chosen by The Guardian, featuring this area within an online article and dubbing it as a fantastic area in which to invest in real estate with it being a unique, distinguished and undiscovered area.

Wanting to put together an article about Italy homes for sale, the British newspaper approached to find out what house hunters were looking for when buying an unusual and special property in Italy. And we think that this ancient borough has so much to tell.
Dating back to the 1600s, Santo Stefano di Sessanio is a medieval village that has been completely transformed and rejuvenated with the recent influx of tourism. With these new restorations, it has become a must-see destination and has been for quite some time.

Santo Stefano Sessanio di Sessanio

Despite the increase in tourism and investments, it is still very easy to secure a house for sale in Abruzzo at a cheaper price, due to the dramatically lower cost of living in this area. Its dwellings still retain their original charm and offer the most unbeatable setting with a natural landscape and traditional culture that is simply unmissable. Located within an entirely pedestrianised area (something which dates back to the ancient traditions of this locale) Santo Stefano di Sessanio envelops the visitor in an exquisite mix of aromas, silence, flavours and relaxing lifestyle. Its heritage is by no means lost with increased tourism as it still remains a place that is close to the hearts of many Italians too.

Abruzzo and Santo Stefano di Sessanio, much sought-after locations for a second house in Italy

In 2004, Daniele Elow Kihlgren, a Swedish-Italian entrepreneur, purchased a part of Santo Stefano di Sessanio and constructed a hotel made of several buildings – hotel Sextantio (albergo diffuso). This put a spotlight on this quaint village and that, amongst other aspects, is what has made this area such a priority for many foreigners today.

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property in santo stefano
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It is its appealing culture and impacting landscapes that draw investors to the area, as many continue to look for something significant but within a lesser known destination that hasn’t been overcome by too many real estate investments. also suggest that the growth in buying property in Abruzzo has also been down to there being a higher chance that people can secure a better deal at the right time.

And, it is easy to see why many are choosing this part of Abruzzo for the second dream home in Italy:

  • the recovery of a decadent ancient village attracts investment and developing tourism quality;
  • the distance and travel times, not to mention its breathtaking scenery make the area highly exclusive;
  • the history of the surroundings, emphasised by the use of original materials, add to the charm of the sometimes rugged but always beautiful landscape.

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