Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beautiful landscapes of rural Italy are the key reasons why many foreigners wish to settle in the country. Using our portal foreigners can be able to buy houses or real estates in all areas across Italy and around Lake Como and its surroundings too. Lake Como is categorized as one of the most beautiful lakeside resorts in Europe.

The area’s beautiful and relaxing scenery has attracted celebrities and prominent people to buy homes in the area. Since beauty comes with a price, it is usually expensive to buy homes for sale in Lake Como though the satisfaction of owning your own home in the region is worth it.

Any individuals who are interested in property for sale in Lake Como but deem the price too expensive, always has the option of finding a home in surrounding areas. Homes around Lake Como are usually cheaper and affordable but still have the beautiful view. There are several areas that surround the lake on the western shore, eastern shore and southern shore. On the eastern shore the common areas are; Cernobbio, Menaggio and Domaso among many others. On the western shore the most common places to find apartments and homes are; Bellagio and Blevio while on the southern shore the areas are Lecco and Colico.

In these areas the apartments and homes are really affordable as compared to Lake Como. In Sorico the buyer can still have a beautiful northeastern view of the lake and still live in an affordable beautiful home. In this area there are houses that go for as little as 100,000 Euros. The potential buyer will have a variety of houses to choose from each going at different prices. Whatever the price of the apartment or house the view from the area is breathtaking. It is a small area that has an approximate size of 23.3 kilometers and it is 80 kilometers north of Milan. It is home to a population of about 1,188.

On the western shore of the lake is a town called Menaggio where houses and apartments reach a low of 90,000 Euros. Though the price is low it does not mean that the area is bad or the house is not excellent. The houses are beautiful and the lake view makes the area even more beautiful. There are a variety of affordable houses in the area. It is a common tourist destination especially during the summer in fact Lake Como’s only youth hostel is located in the area. Apart from the lake view, any interested buyer will be able to see the River Senagra. Finding a home in the surrounding areas of the lake is usually much easier and pocket friendly. Any prospective buyers will be able to find houses and apartment easily by searching on the price and area that is available on our website.