44 Ryanair New Routes to Italy in 2017: How Home Buyers will Benefit

| September 28, 2016


Are you ready to fly to every corner of Italy?

With the announcement of their expansion into ‘the boot-shaped country”, Ryanair is opening 44 new routes in 2017, 21 at Rome and Milan, the other 23 at regional airports all around the peninsula, to many destinations throughout Europe. It is estimated that an additional 3 million customers will fly to and from Italian airports with the low-cost airline, increasing from 32 million in 2016 to 35 million next year.

This is mainly due to an Italian government’s decision to scrap a municipal tax increase and to redraft the airport guidelines to comply with European Union rules. Doing so, the Minister of Transport, Graziano Delrio, set a challenge to airlines to grow their businesses in the country and bring in more tourists and investors to boost the economy. Ryanair has responded first, by taking this momentous decision to invest heavily in the project.

What are Ryanair new and restarted routes to Italy: A preview

VERONA – New routes to Cagliari (Southern Sardinia) and Madrid

BARI – Only low cost flights to London are available at the moment, as well as from its nearby Brindisi airport. Next year you will be able to fly also from Bari to Liverpool.

BOLOGNA – Two brand new lines to Lisbon and Eindhoven

TREVISO – New route to Cracow starting from summer 2017.

PESCARA – Flights from London Stansted to Pescara (Abruzzo coastline) will soon be back on sale. Moreover two new routes should be opened, that means Copenaghen (2 flights/week) and Cracow (2 flights/week). But also extra flights to Frankfurt (5 flights/week).

ALGHERO – Ryanair planes should fly again over the sky of Alghero (North west of Sardinia) starting from the end of November 2016.

And this is just a taste of the possible destinations you could visit and experience very soon at very low prices.

How Ryanair operations will affect the scenario for future would-be buyers and travellers to Italy

Helping to grow the country’s economy is the main thrust by the government and by adding an extra 3 million passengers a year and the 2,250 extra jobs, this initiative goes a long way to achieving this. Ryanair offers also internal flights between the cities, enabling pre-planned tours of the country, thus spreading the wealth. Already a tourist haven for its delicious cuisine, richness in art and history and so on, it is now also added to by many travellers changing their plans from visiting potentially dangerous European countries from a socio-political point of view to somewhere safer, the future property house hunters, and the existing owners, must be overjoyed at the thought of the increased holiday rental perspectives.

International buyers from all over the world flood to Italy to buy either a vacation home or a holiday rental property. Spoilt for choice, with many houses available to buy in various country towns and villages, the Ryanair decision must be gladdening also their hearts. With so many new destinations, also in more remote areas away from just the major towns and cities, now being opened up to potential investors, the market just got so much better. From wherever you are based in Europe, it’s just a hop and skip to reach your second home. And if you come from a non European country you will benefit from low cost flights within Italy to move quickly and easily from north to south, from one town to another.

Today your Italian dream is just a flight closer than yesterday!








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