Do you like Italian cheese?

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We’d like to hear your thoughts about Italian food! Your opinion is very important to us!
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14 thoughts on “Do you like Italian cheese?

  1. constantin tache

    I really do not know very well if this time is good to invest in Italy .

  2. jytte steinlein

    love Italy. Ønsker at købe landhus i det nordlige Italien evt. Umbrien Men helst Piedmont.

    Italiensk mad er så fin, med den simpelhed og skønne råvarer,

  3. Barbara Esaw

    We have had a house in Italy for fifteen years now. There is no other country with so much to offer in the fields of culture, good food and kindness of the Italian people. Europe would be poorer without the influence of Ancient Rome.

  4. ulla-karin mild

    According to this survey:

    I go to Italy every year. And the reason is Italys amazing food and wines. And of course the beautiful countryside and all the historical places. The Italian food is part of Italys history and landscape. And your cheese is exceptional so please, do not change a thing. No matter what EU is saying:-)

  5. Krzysztof Michnowski

    Jestem we Włoszech każdego roku. Wynajmuję mieszkania w m. Alba Adriatica. Zakupy żywności dokonywałem na targowisku i sklepie Conad. Jestem zachwycony . Świeże, wspaniały smak. Jestem pełen podziwu jakością wyrobów. Sery najwspanialsze na świecie. Moim marzeniem jest mieszkać w tym wspaniałym kraju. Może kiedyś spełnią się.

  6. HG van der Grijn

    We like very much the parmigiano and taleggio en mozzarella buffo etc.

    All the italian meat is very good, also the ravioli , and the olive oil and the sweet.

    Basilicu,m, Pesto Genovese.

    When we go to Italian , We take a lot of Things with us to Olanda.


    There is something special about Italian food, even the humblest cafe or restaurant offers dishes and you say to yourself, how do they get that TASTE?

  8. Ray DeMayo

    Italy should police their products a little better, in the U.S. They are making a mockery of Italian food by fast fooding it , which eventually will change the taste buds of the younger generation, after all if you go to Italy the food is almost completely different from Italian food in U.S., which is upsetting. After all Italian food popularity has made it this far let’s not ruin it by fast fooding it for profit, keep it special , and traditional not boil a bag!! & cheap pizza. I’m available to police this and servay.!! Good food should be taken seriously at least for Heath reasons…


      Dear Ray,

      You’re right, if you go to Italy the food is almost completely different from Italian food in U.S., I know. Often Italian restaurants abroad do not serve real Italian food, they do not use real Italian recipes neither original products. Especially supermarkets sell fake Italian foods. This is very difficult to prevent and detect but of course Government for instance should do something more to keep it special. We in Italy are so proud of our cuisine and food that also young people are aware of this treasure and the real taste of our products.

      Thanks for sharing your thought with us, Ray.

      Have a nice day!

  9. Luciana Comforti Sleoman

    If food is to be linked to the first sin, why not to test the boundaries of hell and Earth in Italy, where temptation is stretched to the ultimate limit?

  10. Colin

    Italian food is not all about pizza and pasta! I love the variety of the regions and localities. Even the French recognize the richness of Italian cuisine.


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