Coastal Property: Take Advantage of Low Prices

| July 25, 2015

san vito lo capo

Although in Italy prices for properties closer to and near the coastline are usually more expensive, you will be able to pick up multiple bargains for your money, if you put the devotion and time into finding the ideal home.

What’s the best place to find real bargains by the sea?

North of Italy – It should attract the most attention from overseas home hunters, as the sea property prices around that area have fallen the most, with an average decrease of 5%. If you decide to look into this, take a look at Liguria region, the second most sought after place for properties for second home international buyers after Tuscany according to statistics. It has now more reasonable prices. Particularly interesting here could be the towns of San Lorenzo and Santo Stefano al Mare due to presence of the cycling lane connecting many places of the Ligurian Riviera boasting unparalleled views.

riviera ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure along the Ligurian Riviera by soldon

But you will find the cheapest properties in Veneto region where property prices decreased greatly.  This is also a region worth visiting even if it’s still not so popular among home hunters.

Central Italy – Property prices here have fallen by an average of 2%. Le Marche currently stands at the most affected area with an average decrease of 3.9%, whereas Tuscany only lost a 0.7% because it is still the most luxurious and beloved region of Italy worldwide. So for many people its most exclusive and sought-after sea destinations, such as Forte dei Marmi in the Versilia coastline, are too far out of their budget. That’s why many are now heading to the incredible nearby resort of Viareggio that is situated along the same stretch of littoral as Forte dei Marmi. As a matter of fact it has now become way more affordable, meaning it would be a steal for international home hunters.

lido di camaiore

Lido di Camaiore with the Apuane Alps on the background by berti66

South of Italy – Same situation in the south of Italy which has seen an average decrease of only 1.7%. For example the stunning Campania region has only fallen by 1%, but that isn’t to say the price is still really high. However, if you are looking for those expensive homes, then Campania still offers very large and deluxe homes, such as in Positano (where the price per metre squared is around €10,000) and also Amalfi (which has around €8,000 per metre squared). These areas are renowned for being luxurious and has now become a very popular location amongst celebrities and tourists alike.

Islands – As well as the North, also the islands saw a great fall in property prices, with an average decrease of 4.4% and specifically Sicily with a -9.7%. This is a great opportunity for all of you out there that are looking to pick up a home in Italy by the sea. Consider especially the mezmerizing Trapani area which has always been fairly affordable. On top of that, the rising interests of investors there has been substantial and if you are looking to open a business out there, for example a B&B or a restaurant or anything similar, it would be at a fantastic location for you.

san vito lo capo

San Vito lo Capo in Sicily by fabiomacor

Hint: if you really want to save money when you buy a coastal property in Italy you need to be ready to renounce to the view over the sea – an option you pay an arm and a leg – yet remaining very close to the beach.

Whether it’ll be in the north or south of Italy, or even on the Islands, no matter where you decide to buy a home in Italy, rest assured it will be at a great price and will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.

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  1. Andrzej Kasela

    Dear Sir I am looking for the property in Italy /Liguria or Toskania/near coast. Apartamenrt . small villa
    building lot Condition is not important. I was a developer in Usa for40 years. The best sollution for
    me is to buy old stylich building for complete renovation . If you will finde something . Plrease let me know. I will be vacationning in the secand part of august in Italy .I can visit your office.

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      Dear Andrzej,

      Thanks for your message. We are going to forward your request to some real estate agencies that can help you in finding the right property for you in those areas. They will contact you very soon. In case you didn’t heard from them within a few days please contact us again.

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  2. Stephen Holmes

    im inquiring about property in:
    Le Marche
    Cinque Terre


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