Ease Your Home Buying Process: Avoid These 4 Things

| May 30, 2015

Italian countrysideBuying a home is a daunting process for purchasers and real estate agents alike. Therefore, the first should understand that real estate agents can’t do everything for them. Often times, the home hunter can inadvertently make the process of finding a house more difficult – much to the agent’s dismay. In what way can a buyer aggravate the process of purchasing a property? Here are some ways that potential home hunters create stress for themselves, sellers, and agents, that you should avoid.

1. Asking for multiple showings without making an offer

Nowadays it is usual for potential investors to look at a property during an open house — a new system born in America has arrived also in Italy lately. If they are impressed, they can ask for some private showings – that is expected. However, when a buyer asks for multiple showings and keeps bringing contractors, architects, and designers, it can be very frustrating. This is counterproductive, especially if you never make an offer.

So don’t waste time and judge your first reaction to the property before bringing in consultants and friends. Does it have the essential things you can’t live without? Do you continually  think about it and it has become your benchmark? Do you always think about living there? Probably that could be a good candidate as your ideal home in Italy, in which case and you have enough time to explore the property before committing to buying it. On the contrary, you need not go over every inch of the property on your first and second visits if you’re not convinced enough about it at first sight.

2. Changing your mind again and again

It is okay to change your mind based on what you see and discover during your home hunting, that’s part of the game. Buyers often set out for a certain property but end up wanting something else after they learn about the market and the property condition. By the time you start making offers, you should be focused. If you are still unsure about what you want after some time, you might not be ready to purchase a house.

3. Making unrealistic offers

A home owners sells its property for €250,000, but a prospective buyer offers €150,000. The buyer does not do this because the property is overpriced; he just want a bargain. It seems very likely that the seller would not agree to lower their property’s price by that much money no matter how long it has been in the market. You can offer less than the asking price, just be respectful about it.

4. Expecting the property to be perfect after inspection

Some buyers will ask the seller to fix many things after the inspection, as they want to move into a house that looks new or at least in very good condition. If a home was built in the 1980’s, it is not going to feel new. Do not expect the seller to perform miracles on the house after you make an offer. When asking for possible repairs, try to be reasonable.

[Featured image by Aurimas Adomavicius]

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