Florence: The Most Romantic City in the World

| September 11, 2015

ponte vecchio

That’s the verdict of tourists!

Visitors to Florence discover all the charms and history of the magnificent Italian culture when they spend time soaking up its atmosphere. Lovers anywhere always appreciate the joys of revisiting this town, which has a historic association with passion, and love.

Being in Florence allows appreciation of the Renaissance period. Tourists can look at some of the most fantastic works of art by the most revered artists, while literary and musical aficionados will appreciate links from poetry, plays and books associated with this era.

As one of the walled merchant cities of the Hanover trading system, Florence was home to a thriving mercantile, trading and banking class. The language that developed throughout its pre-eminence is the Italian “lingua franca” (common tongue) spoken today. Some of the most important Italian noblemen were originally from the area, when it peaked from the 14th to the 16th centuries. The Enlightenment Period followed and was more known for scientific, academic and industrialized achievements. The techniques and skills in art and its associated fields of the creative humanities continued to develop and grow, so tourists need to spend time exploring to get a feel for Italian culture.

Students of the humanities will appreciate the facets in history leading up to decimation of aristocracies, the creation of Napoleon and just how the face of Europe changed as it moved from Renaissance art and culture into the world of the Enlightenment. The World Wars of the 20th century and all the associated developments and cultures were felt to be a defining factor in history to many academics, though this does not yet appear to be the case.

view over Florence

View over Florence by etxebaiker

Many tourists to Italy discover the beauties, warmth and friendliness of the locals in the villages and towns gives them an appreciation of the dolce vita lifestyle and relaxing in an area that offers all the privilege and style they demand, while meeting demands for the life of the connoisseur, so expats do discover how this part of Italy pulls at the heart strings. It’s not the case in some of the ancient villages though, where people have abandoned the lifestyle of their forbears and don’t want to spend time in an area they perceive to be a little “backward”. This is a common story in the UK as it was similarly faced by the Welsh people, particularly in North Wales where activists would burn down the homes of the incoming city dwellers as property prices increased to levels local people could no longer afford.

“Expats in Florence”

Buying a home in Florence is a great investment for sub-lets or rentals or to use as a small guest house.

With prices down and a wider range of properties for sale now homes are more
affordable also in Tuscany which is notoriously one of the most expensive areas of
Italy because it’s one of the most popular worldwide. As a matter of fact the entire
region of Tuscany registered a huge decrease since 2007, the year that marks the
beginning of the global economical crisis. Florence in particular this year saw around -2% in property prices.

Let’s see some examples:

In the very town centre prices fluctuate from about € 2,650 to € 4,000/m2 or more. So a finely restored and fully furnished apartment of 50 m2 may cost you about € 270,000.

In semi-central areas homes are a little more affordable: from € 2,300/m2 to € 3,450/m2

Buyers looking for a quieter life and hoping to start their own small bed and breakfast premises eventually might be better advised to relocate into the countryside just outside Florence where prices for country or town homes/apartments in need of some renovation come in around €100,000 for 50 square meters.

Florence by night

Florence by night by Gaspa

What is it like living in Florence?

About 10,000,000 tourists arrive in Florence each year, so that it is one of the most visited cities of Italy as long as Venice and Rome.

Nonetheless living in Florence is easy and the huge amount of visitors doesn’t influence your everyday routine. Moreover owning a property here is a great investment if you’re thinking to rent it out or to open a B&B.

Furthermore Florence is a city on a human scale. Just think that you can reach its outskirts in just 5 minutes driving.

So what else to say than browse Gate-Away.com to find your perfect property and finally discover all the joys of moving to Florence and its surrounds.

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