Le Marche’s Hidden Treasures

| March 11, 2014


Characterized by undulating hills and picturesque rural settlements, the Le Marche region is one of Italy’s undiscovered jewels. The centrally located territory is nestled between the Adriatic Sea to the east, Emilia-Romagna and San Marino to the north, Tuscany to the northwest, Umbria to the west, and Abruzzo and Lazio to the south. Its beautiful mountainous terrain, charming villages and traditional culture make Marche an extremely appealing destination for those seeking an off-thebeaten-path Italian experience.

Incredibly, eighteen of Marche’s towns have been selected for inclusion amongst the country’s official list of The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy that’s even more than Tuscany! While Ancona, the region’s capital and an important port city, may be more familiar to those outside the region, Marche’s true gems can be found in the picturesque villages and hamlets that dot the scenic landscape. These idyllic towns are sought after by explorers who want to escape from the more chaotic atmosphere of the larger cities, not just for visitors passing through but also for those seriously interested in Le Marche Italy real estate and in particular, property in Le Marche. Amongst the long list of the region’s beautiful locations, the towns of Grottammare, Offida, Offagna and Gradara stand out for particular distinction, each offering its own appeal.

With its stunning position overlooking the sea, Grottammare boasts one of Italy’s most magnificent coastlines. The natural beauty is matched by the lovely architecture of the old town that sits perched above the glistening water. Its historical churches and buildings were even visited by the likes of Martin Luther in the sixteenth century. As all over Italy, the cuisine – in Grattammare, naturally specializing in fish – is worth many an indulgence.

Food is one of Italy’s biggest attractions and the town of Offida even has the saying, “In Offida, you eat well and pay little”. Perhaps the quality cuisine along with the reputation for its fine wine gives insight into its nickname, the “City of Smiles”. Its Carnival Festival has been important to the city for hundreds of years and is celebrated enthusiastically, with a multitude of masked participants, and is a vital component of the local personality. Old walls dating back to the twelfth century enclose Offida’s historical center and its main piazza, noted for its striking town hall with tower.

The medieval village of Offagna hosts a famous medieval festival every year amidst its pristinely preserved edifices. Just a short fifteen kilometers from Ancona, Offagna historically functioned as an important defensive post, and its fortress, founded in the fifteenth century, is the town’s most characteristic monument today. Also noted for its castle, Gradara is in an area rich with olive groves and grape vines, both reflected in its exemplary culinary tradition.

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