The Slow Charm of Basilicata

| August 5, 2015


After Chianti area in Tuscany being rebaptised as “Chiantishire”, now can we talk also about “Materashire” in Basilicata? After all many Brits and Americans, just to name a few, are coming here to enjoy Basilicata’s slower-paced life. Not to mention Japanese people who are totally enamoured with Matera, the city carved in stones and UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1993.

In spite of this new interest that the region is experiencing in the last few years, it still remains a virgin land that has so much to offer and captivates with its archaic charm.

Price Trends

First of all it provides you with beautiful retreats at very competitive prices. But also living in Basilicata, as the entire south of Italy, is very affordable.

The average cost of a property in the region is around €1,700/m². Homes in rural areas are the cheapest as they cost about €400/m². In urban areas, you can get similar houses starting from about €600/m². Just think that you might purchase a historical building of 750 m² in the town of Bernalda, just 15 minutes from the beach, for €350,000.


Matera: the town carved in stones by Andrea.Tomassi

Let’s see other examples: A property of about 50m² to be restored in the villages of Tursi or Pisticci, for instance, can cost you about €15,000. On the other hand, with a budget of €62,000 you can get a character and fully restored apartment of 70m² in the old town centre.

What about the coast? In the unspoiled scenery of the Ionian coast of Basilicata, you can get a brand new apartment in a condo with swimming pool for just €1.750/m².

basilicataThe charm of two seas

Do you know Basilicata coastline? The region is encompassed between two seas bosting crystal clear waters:

• The Tyrrhenian side stretches for 30 km of coastline of coves and stunning promontories some of which are only reachable by boat or pathways that are ideal for trekking lovers. You’ll find perfectly equipped beach resorts for sunbathing. Maratea is the only town rising along the littoral. A picturesque destination well know also as the “pearl of the Thyrrenean sea” for its evocative littoral, crystal clear waters and breathtaking panoramas so popular among sea lovers. But Maratea is also a wonderful Medieval hamlet. This is also a popular destination for young people due to its lively nightlife but not only. Characteristic restaurants by the port area, cafés in the “piazzetta” (small square), and so on.


The sea of Maratea: the “pearl of the Tyrrhenian” by fabulousfabs

• The Ionian side has a more savage and unpolluted landscape ideal if you’re looking for a deserted slice of paradise. Ideal for spending your time relaxing and unwinding by the sea with family and friends under the sign of nature and quietness. In the area close to Matera you will find also golden sandy beaches with pristine blue waters also suitable for children.

For the rest, almost half of its territory is occupied by mountains, with wonderful forests. It’s the perfect location for skiing but also trekking and hiking in the summer.

For many Basilicata is the ideal place to move, live, spend time and get inspired.

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