Google Virtual Tours and Help You Find Your Dream House in Italy!

| February 5, 2016

Cisternino - Puglia

Buying a home in the “bel paese” has never been simpler than recently, with Google and other web services offering virtual tours that show a different side to Italy.
Google gives glimpses of a less known face of Italy, a selection of small towns awarded the title of “Gioielli d’Italia” (Jewels of Italy) that embodies the Italian lifestyle. They offer the history and art enriching the Italian landscape and of course, who could forget the delicious Italian cuisine? These tours also help us looking for Italian property for sale that encapsulate what Italy is all about.

Fancy buying a house for one euro? Gangi is just one of the 21 “Gioielli d’Italia”

Among the municipalities cited by Google there is Gangi in Sicily, one of the beautiful towns you can buy property in for the price of one euro. The idea behind these cheap prices comes from the local administration, and the aim is to restore and repopulate the wonderful centre of the town. Already this approach has been successful, attracting foreigners who wish to purchase their first Italian home and create revenue and do business.

Specchia and Cisternino, two gems in Puglia

Specchia - PugliaThere are 14 Italian regions involved in “Gioielli d’Italia” list and there are included two municipalities within Puglia, which is a popular location for the British. It has already received a number of enquiries from overseas, as well as visits, and is considered one of the most naturally beautiful regions.
At the end of the peninsula you will find Specchia and Cisternino, which are places that are very appreciated even by the Italians who wish to visit Murgia and Salento areas.
Thanks to the Internet, you can view them without having to trek to Italy, as you are presented with beautiful snapshots. And using a website exclusively dedicated to foreigners who are thinking of buying a house in Italy, you are presented with an array of pictures to make sure that you know what you’re purchasing and what you might be interested in looking at. These websites include, where you can refine results to find your perfect Italian homes for sale, and you can also remain updated on your chosen property:

The deal of a lifetime

In Puglia, as well as in several areas nearby the 21 “Gioielli d’Italia”, you can find a vast difference in price ranges – ideal for various budgets. For example, within the centre of Specchia, a small dwelling will cost you far less than 200,000 euros, whereas a huge house in the village square is usually above 400,000 euros. Both are elegantly restored, and are on the market currently for competitive prices.

It used to be that people would be more interested in rustic properties that required restoration, however now people want to buy property in Italy that has already been renovated to a high standard, such as inhabitable country villas, or those that only need a few repairs. Nowadays, there is a demand for vacant land to build new homes, just as the new owners wish. Foreigners from countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Britain have been drawn to the beauty of Cisternino in recent years. The British however were the first to discover the area, and over the past two years there has been a strong increase in UK buyers, as they can take advantage of the economic situation.

It has never been easier to buy a house in Italy

It has never been easier to purchase a home in Italy from abroad thanks to various professional advertising services which give you the opportunity to see the building online. It is quicker and easier than before, and it is just like being in Italy. Thanks to this excellent technology, real estate investors from abroad can spend less time on making a decision as they can see what they want on a webpage. Foreign property investors are also now more aware of the market these days thanks to digital tools that allow prospective buyers to take virtual tours of their chosen Italian houses. These virtual tours also inspire buyers to discover new hidden gems to buy, and makes this process of searching for and buying property in Italy easier and more effective:

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